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Wojak can mean many things.


Wojak the Feel Guy.

  1. A Polish beer brand
  2. The "feel guy" meme
  3. The creator of the "feel guy" meme
  4. A Polish word for warrior

Usually when someone talks about Wojak on [s4s] (or some other boards, including /r9k/), they mean the "feel guy". There is also a smug version of the "feel guy". He is known as Smug Wojak.

Spelling Edit

In Latin alphabets, Wojak is spelled Wojak or Voyack, but some people spell it Wojack, Wodjak, or Wojac. The spelling is not dependent on the meaning or context. The Cyrillic spelling is Вояк.

Pronunciation Edit

Regardless of the meaning or context, Wojak is pronounced Voyack or Voyuck. English-speaking people may also pronounce it Woah-Jack, Woe-Jack, or Wohjack. The correct pronunciation (at least of meanings 1 and 4) in IPA format is /ˈvɔ.jak/.

Wojak Memes Edit

Several memes are based on Wojak. The most notable ones include:

  • I know that feel, bro – Two or more Wojaks hug each other. It is a nice meme.
  • I wish I was at home – Wojak is alone at a party and his inner monologue runs wild, like Doge's.
  • Pretty Princess Wojak – An attractive but unstable female version of Wojak gets Pretty Princess Points for good behavior and uses them to buy chicken tenders. She also loves random quotes and sometimes has a Beary Pink stuffed toy. This is a gender-flipped version of Good Boy Points and Wojak memes and also an ironic/satirical poke at the "treat girls as princesses" meme.
  • Hijak – A strategic mastermind evolved from Wojak. Obsessed with social engineering and mind games, along with things like pawns, puppets and roaches. People are nothing more than game to him. Hijak uses them for his personal advantage and amusement. Not to be confused with that other Hijak who is based on Smug Wojak and High Dad (and who also likes roaches).
  • Country Feels and Historic Feels – Wojak depicted in different places and eras. Some feels are universal, collective, and independent of time or place.
  • Smug Wojak – A smug version of Wojak. Has inspired a set of spin-off memes on its own.
  • Too Intelligent Wojak – An /r9k/ maymay from late 2016. In this meme, Wojak is too intelligent for many things and his brain is huge and malleable enough to become various things, such as an armchair or a car. This Wojak often wears glasses and smokes a pipe.

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