The template that started it all.

The "Urgent Mane" meme was first called "Vagibna man" and was posted under TezukaRin. Despite TezukaRin's hopes, the meme wasn't doing too well, and it wasn't until Tsuua repurposed the meme that it evolved into its own.

The thread that started it allEdit

In no.2250710, TezukaRin describes how his hopes for the meme have not been fulfilled, despite him posting the picture quite frequently. Then, in no.2251523, Tsuua said "leave it to the professionals", and came up with the template to the right. Afterwards, Tsuua made many examples of the meme in that thread. The lesson to be learnt from him here is that posting a picture isn't enough to make it a meme; it needs to have a purpose, and subsequently be funny.

Tsuua's ExamplesEdit

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