the calassic that started it all

Throw the ball was first posted by the user OPhere on a historical memegenerator rusing thread. The image contained a picture of the legendary '50s' handball player Giorgio A. Tsoukalos asking his teammate to pass the ball to him. This picture is from a match he played one year prior to his retirement. There was a new player who went by the name 'Newfig'. Giorgio discovered great talent in him.Newfig's only problem was he was too afraid to take a move on his own. Giorgio decided he would make his sense of self judgement better before leaving. So he gave him personal coaching, and took him as his disciple. That was a decision which turned out to be a boon to the world of handball.And as we all know today, the guy who is considered to be the best handball player ever existed since the game was created, is Newfig.


Throw the ball was much appreciated by many users across the glorius community of [s4s].Soon, it was posted all around the community.It eventually reached the president, Sri Patrick Dubsworth Bateman.In the words of the president,

"This day will go down in history"