The Spooky EP is the first EP made by [s4s]. It was released between Songs to Pork it to and le ebin lel lels xdd, which are the 4th and 5th [s4s] OC albums, respectively. The EP was produced by 3bard, and it was released on November 3rd, 2014, although the release party was already held on October 31st, 2014. The album can be downloaded for free on [s4s] Bandcamp site (direct link to the EP:

Track List Edit

The album has 11 tracks. The number was 13 at one point of the production, but two tracks did not make it. The tracks that appear in the final EP are:

  1. Furfig – Sp00py Stories From The Depths Of Le Interbutts (08:46)
  2. $44,000 – Spooky Skeletons and Nice Sprites (02:56)
  3. Figget - Yee (03:15)
  4. Le Ruse Bird – Pour Vous (Acoustic Baneposting) (02:35)
  5. Anonymous - Weredoge (02:00)
  6. DICKLICKER 4.0 – social justice crawling (01:04)
  7. 3bard – Is This Oceangrunge? (11:40)
  8. Orkek – Spooky Board (01:14)
  9. Le Ruse Bird – Spooky Scary Skeletons Send Shivers Down Your Spine (02:10)
  10. Orkek – T005p00ky4m3 (02:32)
  11. Ruseian Cat – Ebola-Chan’s Magical Ride Through Unicorn Land (13:35)

History Edit

The planning for the EP started on September 30th, 2014, when 3bard started a thread in which he said he had discussed ideas for a spoopy Halloween EP with Furfig. Another thread was made two weeks later, and some lyrics, drafts and pieces of songs were already posted there. A few days later, yet another thread was started but got almost no replies. Around October 25th, 3bard started to make threads about the EP almost daily. Songs, album covers and last-moment ideas were posted in those threads. The release party was held on on October 31st, and the EP was officially released on Soundcloud and Bandcamp a few days later, on November 3rd, 2014.

Reception Edit

The album got extremely positive feedback on [s4s]. Moderators stickied the thread about the release for a week. The free-download limit on Bandcamp was reached in about five days, and additional uploads had to be made to satisfy the demand of the community. A thread about meme-core, featuring the EP, was made on /mu/ where the album was also fairly well received; one anonymous user gave it a 10/10 rating and said "it was okay".

Legacy Edit

Two songs from the EP, "Pour Vous (Acoustic Baneposting)" by Le Ruse Bird and "Weredoge" by Anonymous, were chosen for Fore! (Only Oldfigs Remember), the album that features the best tracks from all [s4s] OC albums made before April 2015.

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