Where were you when the First Jump happened?

The First Board Jump was conducted by Tsuua, and it involved linking through 13 other boards before returning to [s4s]. The point of this journey was to educate. people about other boards on 4chan, /v/ being the first to respond. 3 dubs were claimed throughout the 14 jumps.

[s4s] can't help but ask: where were you when The First Jump happened?

How it all workedEdit

Tsuua took the classic meme of Bateman's arm going through a few portals and made it go through a few boards instead. The way the journey was created was that it was made backwards; Tsuua posted the final thread first, the linked it to the 2nd to last, and went up the list like that. In the moments after finishing the link, Tsuua waited with bated breath to see if people would like his work, or instead report him and ban him for some off-topic business. Sadly a 3-day ban happened an hour and a half later, on a note of "flooding/spamming". Daily reminder about mods, everybody.


For those who couldn't make the journey yourselves. Note how I call /mlp/-goers bronies instead of whatever they prefer to be called, and how I put /vg/ instead of /v/ in the final picture. Cheers for being a Tsuuan (And a tripfag ;-;).

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