Tehodor Rusebelt

Only known photograph of Tehodor Rusebelt

Tehodor Rusebelt is the best funposter [s4s] has EVER seen. He is also the famous creator of many wonderful memes that the community remembers with grace. The most notable of which is blue feels meme, a meme that took the board by surprise during winter of 2015. Another notable contribution is the introduction of THE JAZZMAN, a meme that took the board by surprise during January 2016.

"Like my father, my father's father and my father's grand father I am a noble person and a gentle man. I remember a long time ago, the day I was born, not five seconds into my life and my doctor sexually abused me, spanking my left butt cheek so hard I let out a scream which lasted over 10 minutes. It was not until a kind nurse got me to my mother's nourishing tit that I was able to calm down. Twenty years later, I found myself face to face with my childhood abuser, needless to say I was nervous and scared; I wanted to run, I wanted to scape. But I stayed, I looked at him in the eyes, I could see so much guilt in those eyes. When he told me how he felt, I was moved to tears. He had felt so bad about his actions, he quit being a doctor the same day I was born. I told this man that I loved him, I told him this and I hugged him with all my strength, this man needed love. I forgave him that fateful day, and today, I forgive you"

-Tehodor Rusebelt, 2016

Tehodor Rusebelt has sure proven to be the best poster in [s4s] overtime. He is a true legend among dub checkers. He is an avid supporter of BAVI, BANTIINTI, MOUNTAINTDEW GAMER FUEL, THE REAL TET and BANIME.

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