>THE LEGO MOVIE is a funny meme made by one of the top meme creators of [s4s], Kek Master. It is an image of Lisa Simpson with a gaping mouth with text reading ">THE LEGO MOVIE"

History Edit

It all started when the Grammy Awards of 2014 occured, and /mu/ had held a sticky for it. When the ads were playing, there was an epic advertisement for The Lego Movie, with Anonymous poster creating the first use of this meme on 4chin. Kek Master then looked at this meme and realized the potential comedy gold that can come out of this meme, and thus, >THE LEGO MOVIE was born.

Kek Master (Back when he was an anonymous poster) created a thread with the meme, then posted it again, then some other Anonymous posted it 5 more times. Kek Master then went on to post the meme onto /b/, /co/, /tv/, and /toy/ (With the latter getting himself banned). Although this meme is very epic, it was not received very well by [s4s], in fact, even /b/ were nicer than [s4s] at this time, giving the meme compliments and such. People in the thread were INCREDIBLY rude and acting extremely out of character (Calling the meme forced and sh*tty, with people actually UPboating these rude comments). If that weren't enough, there was this one fig trying to steal his meme for himself. Then the meme grew, with some rudefigs still hating on the meme, however, some people with a sense of humor liked the meme, and made it what it is today.

Links Edit (The first use of >THE LEGO MOVIE) (The first [s4s] thread with all the rude responses)

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