Holger danske

Mordax in slumber

In mid-February of 2014, [s4s] became restless. Some posters wished to defect from the rule of [a/jp], of which [s4s] had long been the property, please calm down.  [a/jp] wished to maintain control, naturally.  /po/ waited in the wings, hoping to conquer the promised land in the weakened state following the inevitable civil war.

In response, Aborolabis Mordax, forty-fourth of the hundred official oldfigs, began the [s4s] Anniversary Spectacle, an event intendeded to take place continuously until April 1st, 2014, at which time [s4s] would officially be one hundred years old.

The SpectacleEdit

Since [s4s] is the best board on 4chan, the Spectacle consists of [s4s] proving, one board at a time, that they are better than any other board at what that board does best.  Upon seeing these threads, denizens of other boards become jealous, while [s4s] discovers more about themselves.

The Spectacle is intended to culminate on April 1st, 2014, but since it is a celebration of [s4s], anyfig may help move it towards completion. The average pace needed to meet the goal is about 3 new boards/threads every 2 days.

To help with the spectacle, simply choose a board (preferably one you are familiar with) and decide how [s4s] can prove, with one thread on [s4s], that we can beat that board at its own game. Lay out the condition and be amazed at the glorious board of which you are a part. When [s4s] has soundly proven its superiority, add the thread to the list below as proof of our might.

[s4s], of course, honorably accepts all rematches. Please list those as well, so that our prowess may be fully determined.

Current StatusEdit

This list describes the current state of the Spectacle. 

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