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Smug Pepe

Despite his increased smugness, Pepe's smartness hasn't changed.

Smug Pepe (also known as Smug Frog, originally named Lithium Frog) is a maymay that originated on /tv/ in June 2011. According to one story, the author who drew him imagined what Sad Frog would be like if he took lithium, and thus Lithium Frog was born. The meme was adopted by /r9k/ in the spring of 2014 and became popular there in the summer of the same year. Like Pepe, Smug Pepe also likes to wander around and sometimes ends up on [s4s]. The best practice in this case is to kindly redirect him back to /r9k/.

Relationship with Wojak Edit

Unlike the original Pepe, Smug Pepe and his spin-off memes are antagonistic towards most Wojaks (Feel Guys). Exceptions to this rule are Smug Wojak and spin-off memes based on him. Canonically, Smug Pepe and Smug Wojak are friends and the former lives in the Smug Zone which is a dimension controlled by Smug Zone / #justwojakthings Wojak.

Spin-Off Memes Edit

Smug Pepe has spawned some notable spin-offs:

  • Poopoo Pepe – A sadistic frog who engages mostly in scatological pranks.
  • Good Boy Pepe – A frog who lives with his mother where he leads an infantile lifestyle. Buys chicken tenders with Good Boy Points, a currency awarded as a result of good behavior.
  • Silentoad – An ironical one-hit wonder who gained fame with his ironical rap music.
  • Devilish Pepe – A master ruseman of mischievous pranks. His tricks sometimes harm him more than others, so he's an expert of ironic practical jokes.
  • Easter Pepe's Australian cousin who wonders why Americans do not celebrate Easter. He is a toad, NOT a frog.
  • Coffee Pepe – A frog who makes and drinks good coffee. He gets very upset if someone talks to him before he has finished his coffee. Was originally NEET, but became a manager in some company.

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