Smarter deal is an ebin new meme hitting [s4s].


smarter deal


Smarter deal, aka Zeek the alien, is a highly intelligent creature living next door to a man named Dave in Australia. He and his wife, Zia, offer great insurance and advice, saving lots of money in the process.

He has a habit of appearing randomly and scaring Dave.

Zeek appeared on [s4s] on the 18th of January, 2014, offering smarter deals and better insurance. W. T. Snacks did not approve of these deals and wanted to ban Some Guy... for making the threads. Gippo showed some approval :DDD


Smarter deal is seen in this advert for Budget Direct. At the end of the clip, he pops through the door (xD) and says "smarter deal"

Smarter deal00:31

Smarter deal

smarter deal

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