Sgt. Frog is the best skrillex ever concieved, even topping the legendary Boku no Skrillex and the lesser My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Sgt. Frog has birthed the great meme of froge, making it automatically win.

Froges in this skrilleEdit

  • Keroro
  • Giroro
  • Tamama
  • Dororo
  • That one that I can't remember
  • Cory Baxter

The great debate over best froge 2013Edit

In the first (and last) thread for The Fig Times, two ads were placed by Kekt and Kekkats, saying "TAMAMA IS BEST PONY" and "Even Koyuki agrees, Dororo is best froge". The two then debated in the thread, not with reasons, but with dubs and trips, the best weapons. Kekt managed to get a set of dubs and devil trips, while Kekkats got 1 set of heavenly trips. The thread died on October 9th, and with the /s4s/ archives being closed, no newfig can ever see the thread again. RIP. ;_;7


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