General Катюша

The new s4s military was founded by Катюша.[Custodian] on febuary 13th, 2014.

Current military standings:

general- Катюша. (470)*2
Colonel- (Ghost of) Salah-al-Di (121)*1
Front-line commander- @TheReem (131)
Central strategist- Kekkats (32)*1
--NCO enlisted men/women--
regualar-BASED NAMEFIG (58)
private- still not godzilla plox halp (13)
regular- Gud Guy (83)
regular(Rank III) - rank 3- SOMA™ (93)
regular(Rank II)- John Matrix (85)*1
regular- Orkek (117)*1
regular(Rank II)-Kekt (84)*2
Regular(Rank I)undefined(65)
Private(Dishwasher)Glarg Gend(9)*1
Private(Third Class)Luptron(82)*1
Private(First Class)Glarg Gend(62)*1

Battles won:

Battle of Autism


Result-Capture of the city of Autism by [s4s]

Battles lost:

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