S4s Adventures

Screencap from /s4s/ Adventures

/s4s/ Adventures is an incomplete browser-based game made by an anonymous /s4s/ user. As he described it, it is "a game filled with absolute degeneracy, Shrek , horror, etc. done in unity." /s4s/ Adventures was released on October 7, 2013. The game can be found here.

The unity project became corrupted, so this is as far as the game will get.


In the Shrek Museum area, pull the lever in the first room to open a secret passageway to the Shrek altar. To find the onion to sacrifice to him, jump up the blocks in the initial area. The onion can be found outside the walls, on the foothill.

When you go to the area which is supposedly unlocked after collecting all 5 sanic rings, nothing happens. Stop teasing us please :^(

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