The [s4s] guide was created by Tsuua and uploaded at The purpose of the guide was to provide newfigs with a place to start, but it can really be useful to anybody.


The guide starts out with a Preface written by Damien, and is followed by a lengthy Table of Contents (wew there laddie)

The only vital sections newfigs should read are said to be Habituals, Vocabulary, and Integral Memes, but for those who wish to read more but not all should see the asterisked sections. The rest can almost be treated as total rubbish.

The Meme SectionEdit

By far, the most important and useful portion of the guide is the walkthrough on how to create a successful OC meme. It is stated that memes created in Paint are the best, and even more successful ones follow a template. The section goes on to say how other OC memes have failed, and how others have succeeded. Eventually, in the end, it says that every successful meme needs a purpose. Much like how Bateman is used every time dubs are checked, or Fug, walked in on it (Chamberlain) has the purpose of walking in on awkward situations, memes need a purpose to be reposted. This is where most new memes fail, and the section even goes to repurpose a failed meme, renaming it Cluckle a Chuckle.


Most Interesting Phrase UtteredEdit

  • The thread evolved so suddenly and diversely all because nobody could fuggen understand what each other was saying. It's like fuggen city of Babel2.0.jpg.json.exe.

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