Overview Edit

rtg is a namefig who has been posting on s4s since August 8th, 2014. The first post made by this namefig was a submission to OC Albume 4. Since then, rtg has created many more songs for the OC Albumes, but does not post much outside of that other than threads dedicated to the unofficial s4s Minecraft server.

Songs by rtg Edit


Kek & Memes

Spoopy Bass


Kek & Memes: Part 2 (Top Dank)

The Song That Was Made in Less Than 10 Minutes Song (Singing A Songs)

Banana Slam

Where the Memes


Void Of Memes

The Sound of [s4s]


Sergeant Pepe's Lonely Feels Bad Man

Le About to Sit Mans Journey

Bitcrush Boogey

EsforesCraft Edit

Esforescraft is a meme-themed Minecraft server run by rtg. You can see an overview of the server here and join at

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