Qeq is a fusion of lel-type and ass-type memes. He is considered popular enough to be listed as part of the Daily Dose.


Qeq is composed of two parts:

  • An image (featured on the right) of musician Dobrivoje Topalović
  • The text ‘‘qeq’’


Qeq started from humble beginnings. During the so-called ‘‘xex rush’’ of 2013, it was immediately recognized that qeq was a powerful lel derivative, especially because of its phonetic similarity to kek. It took almost a year for the present form of qeq to arise.

  • With post 1435144 (at Wed 25 Dec 2013 07:47:42), qeq was used in an OP for the first time. The picture was of a license plate containing the string QEQ.
  • With post 1799528 (at Sat 22 Mar 2014 00:39:06), the first thread was created with only the text ‘‘qeq’’. The picture was of a rotund, lel-faced businessman.
  • With post 2883025 (at Sun 14 Dec 2014 13:55:29), qeq was first posted together with a picture of Dobrivoje Topalović. The poster was ‘‘le gojko mane’’, who continued posting qeq until at least April, 2015 (Editor's note: the present day).