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Pokemon Clover is a fan project on the board /vp/. It's a romhack of the game Pokemon FireRed that features over 150 new Pokemon, with many of them based on some crescent fresh memes.

What it has to do with [s4s] Edit

During Clover's earliest stages of development, [s4s] crossed over and added a few of our own memes to the game. In addition, the project is overall influenced by the friendly and generally carefree nature of [s4s].

What we got into Clover Edit

  • Flowre is a Pokemon with a Poison/Dark typing and the ability Levitate. Flowre has an evolution named Florious.
  • [s4s]-tan is the playable female protagonist of Pokemon Clover. Her male counterpart is /vp/'s male board-tan, Viol.
  • There's a 3-stage Pokemon line that consists of Singlets, Dubus and Tripsius. These Pokemon are based on the act of checking 'em. Tripsius' dex number is 111 (Impressive).
  • A city based on [s4s] will appear, named Esfores City. It replaces Fuschia City from the original game, but retains the Safari Zone, which will be filled with rare mememons.
  • Two Pokémon based on Le Meme Dream are present, Rolango and Dreameme.
  • A Pokémon based on ses is present, named Sesquatch.
    Flowre's Sprites
    S4s-tan all sprites
    -s4s--tan Sugimori art

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