Sad Frog

This is not a smart frog

Pepe is an anthropomorphic amphibian that was born on /b/, but then became an /r9k/ maymay. If you see it on [s4s], don't panic, the frog might be just lost on its way to the home board. Simply point it at >>>/r9k/ so it can go back to its frog family.

How to pronounce PepeEdit

Open your mouth and try to pronounce pe. Congratulations! You pronounced the first half. Following this tutorial, the rest shouldn't be hard.

Pepe memesEdit

This meme has a few spin-offs, here's a brief list of them:

  • Normies — The people that don't understand ironic people and can't grasp memes.
  • RRREEEEEEEE — This is the sound that frogs make, used to convey ironic rage.
  • Rare pepe — A newly created or lesser known pictures of pepe. Nowadays it's mostly refered to as OC, which stands for original content.
  • Happy pepe — A rare pepe variant that just says "Feels good man".
  • Nu pepe — A variant of pepe created by [s4s].

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