Mr. likes to sage threads

( ̄人 ̄) Mr. Likes To Sage Threads is a namefig who likes to sage threads. ( ̄人 ̄) Mr. Likes To Sage Threads derives such enjoyment from the act of saging [s4s] that he decides to share the experience with the rest of us by posting the following pasta:

( ̄人 ̄) Hello. I am "Mr. Likes To Sage Threads". I do believe this thread is in need of Sage, so I would like to sage it. That is why my name is "Mr. Likes To Sage Threads".
His (or its?) motives are unknown, but in one of the few rare cases where he posts something other than his typical pasta ( ̄人 ̄) Mr. Likes To Sage Threads stated that he does what he does because he combats the Elitist Superstructure (probably /b/). He is probably the hero [s4s] needs, but not the one [s4s] deserves.


Mr. likes to sage threads in 1993

At the time of writing, ( ̄人 ̄) Mr. Likes To Sage Threads successfully saged over 1000 threads. The first documented sighting of ( ̄人 ̄) Mr. Likes To Sage Threads on [s4s] happened on March 15th, 2015, although evidence seems to indicate he has been saging threads since the dawn of the internet.

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