This page differs slightly from Le s4s Timeline. Its purpose is to document the first instances of notable memes being posted on [s4s]. Only some of this material is already documented in Le s4s Timeline. This page is meant to be a quick reference guide for those learning about board culture. For a more extensive account of events, please refer to Le s4s Timeline.  Revisions are welcome. 

Note that archives.4plebs's s4s archives get a little squirrelly in 2013, the first year of the board. Anything introduced prior to November 2013 is temporally indeterminate and may need redating.



November 17 - This is the earliest archived version of le pig shig. The original le shig pig was allegedly posted on June 15, 2013.

November 19 - This is the earliest archived version of Ass. The original Ass likely predates this.

November 24 - Likely the earliest archived post made by the real Swaglord on s4s.

December 2 - Flowre

December 14 - First instance of 'wew lad' as a borrowed phrase. The completed, fully original meme would not be introduced until 2014.)

December 22 - s4s Radio


April 7 - Swaglord borrows le about to sit man from /b/ and posts it to s4s for the first time.

June 19 - le millenom girl

December 27 - tet


January 10 - ses

January 31 - cowe

March 22 - bune raven


March 9 - Spikeman

July 20 - Yosho

September 6 - The Teeth Girl

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