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Do you?

Delicious flatbutt, #1 posterEdit

Mari Makinami™ quality posted.

Mari Makinami Illustrious™ got gets.

Both are much much better than you.


im da boss

Quality™ PostingEdit

"Imitating me is the greatest form of flattery. Imitating me means you strive for excellence, not only on [s4s] but in every aspect of your life. But sadly, you will never truly be me and you will never truly post quality threads such as mine. My threadcrafting ability is known throughout 4chan as being of the highest quality. When I create a thread, it causes a ripple effect throughout 4chan, inspiring bad posters to strive for a better threadcrafting community. I am the only reason [s4s] has lasted as long as it has... Have I not proven it many times before by getting nearly the entire user base to impersonate me and spam the entire front page with my quality threadcrafting?" - Mari Makinami Illustrious™