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First printed in May 2013, the Lel Times lived up to its name by spreading lels. Chock full of nonsense and pointless drivel, it was an epic place to get ur news.

The Lel Times ended on November 11, 2014 due to forces outside the control of mortal men. Its 81st and final issue was a "mega, super, pumped up, gigantic edition bursting with news and pointless nonsense". It made a brief reappearance on December 7 for a special /pol/ edition to report on the cluckening. Since then, the paper has appeared seldom and sporadically. As of August 2016, at least 95 issues have been published in total.

The creator of the Lel Times made another version of this meme newspaper, the LEL, which touted itself as "The concise, daily edition of The Lel Times". He also published a memetic science magazine, known simply as Science.

Lel Times IssuesEdit

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Science IssuesEdit


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