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This page describes a current event. Information may change rapidly as the event progresses.

A general timeline of [s4s].

Sticky history has its own page.


February 28 - On /q/, someone makes the first known mention of a "Shit 4chan Says" board in the SJW context.

March 12 - moot responds to a thread requesting a "/shit4chansays/" board, saying "SRS + S4S would be a match made in heaven! They could get married and have autistic babies who always yell and spit when they speak."

First post

first post on [s4s]


Mod checks privileges and smashes patriarchy

March 31 - The board officially opens as an April Fools' Day joke at approximately 10:14 p.m. EDT, with the announcement "Unlike the other new boards, this is being added on a permanent basis. If it doesn't pan out or goes unused, you should probably check your privilege." The first post is a picture of Scooby, accompanied by the text "what". A privilege checking thread is stickied, followed by the 5555 GET soon after. Shortly after being opened, the joke kicks in, with the CSS changed to mime Reddit's layout, a modified version of SRS's header, and mock upvotes/downvotes. The board is filled with users from various boards (mainly /b/, /a/, and /pol/), and several important parts of [s4s] develop on the first day - dubs, lel, and privilege.

April 1 - A thread praising feminism with a picture of le nervous frog is stickied.

66666 GET

The 66666 GET [NSFW]

April 2 - The 100K GET occurs - a thread saying "Reddit is down" with a picture of the Reddit logo. Also, the 66666 GET occured earlier that day - a furry GET saying "WHERE IS YOUR GOD NOW?"

April 3 - The board theme is changed back to Yotsuba, and the name is changed to /s4s/ - Shitposters 4n Steroids. It is not on the main page however, and many complain about the change. The 120K GET happens, requesting a raid on /r/4chanmeta, and the subreddit is raided as a result. Also, the Constitution is made and the 111111 GET occurs, the content of which remains unknown to this day. Tripcodes are removed. Le donut man makes his first appearance, in a thread stating "dubs names this maymay".


April 4 - The Rules thread is created, where the first 100 posts with dubs become a rule. A thread posted by a mod containing Penn Jillette wishing fellow as[s4s]sins a good morning is stickied.

April 5 - IDs are temporarily implemented by moot, and the name and subject fields are removed. These features are withdrawn after a huge amount of complaints.

April 7 - /s4s/'s title is changed to "/s4s/ - Shitp4sterS" with the subtitle "A palindrome.".

April 10 - The board's name is changed back to /s4s/ - Shit 4chan Says.

222222 GET

222222 GET

April 19 - The 222222 GET occurs.

April~ - Natsume "creates" the [a/jp] group of posters. It all started when threads were being made on several boards, including /a/ and /jp/ asking to raid /s4s/ and take control of the new board. The 2 boards were competing against each other, and other boards, mainly /pol/ and /b/. Natsume, who came from /jp/ took part in the raids until an anon suggested that the raiders from /a/ and /jp/ combine to beat /pol/ and /b/. Natsume suggests the name [a/jp], and it starts being used, mainly by Natsume and 名無し, to where it is today.

May 1 - prime minister face starts the original kek thread.

May 2 - One of, if not the first, GETs to be stolen on another board by [s4s] - /ck/'s big 4444444 GET.

May 4 - mot posts this on /q/: "/s4s/ is pretty great in it's current form. It reminds me of /b/ from a few years back. No need to fuck with that"

May 5 - /tv/'s 33333333 GET is stolen, [s4s]'s first octs.

May 9 - [s4s] invades /po/'s catalog with Bateman. After a complaint is posted on /q/, moot replies "This is fucking excellent. What is wrong with you people?". Cocksucker 3.0 makes the famous vacation thread.
Bateman mosaic

moot being epic

May 11 - Foolzashit begins archiving [s4s].

May 13 - swaglord makes two threads - in one thread, every post is in Comic Sans, and in the other, every post is in Impact.

May 16 - The "hey that's pretty cool. everybody told me though when i had a mustache i let it be too wide. Do you have a grooming guide for them" pasta is created and spammed on [s4s]. The big 190M GET on /v/ is stolen by {s4s}.

May 17 - The 300K GET occurs. A thread is created by swaglord, in which all posts are Papyrus.


333333 GET

May 21 - The 333333 GET occurs; it is a neckbeard spurdo post.

May 23 - Captain Kek releases his Topkek prophecy.

May 24 - 名無し creates Lupchan. The /ajp/ board is added the same day as a haven for [a/jp] posters.

May 26 - /co/'s 50 million GET is stolen.

June 2 - The original le sticky man thread is stickied.

June 7 - [s4s] is added to the front page. It starts being referred to as [s4s] around this same time.

June 9 - The first issue of the Tribune is released.


444444 GET

June 12 - A post simply stating "HERE SHE COMES" takes the 444444 GET.

June 17 - Le Donut Man leads the polls for King of [s4s], in a narrow lead over Top Lel.

June 21 - God-Emperor Leto founds the room. The room had already been created but the person who made it abandoned, so God Emperor Leto took over the room for [s4s] to enjoy.

June 23 - Mari Makinami™ takes the 500K GET, controversially claiming that she is "the only reason [s4s] has lasted as long as it has".

June 25 - The original kek thread 404s, after 6,539 replies.

June 26 - The "more kek" thread is made. A request for fortunes on [s4s] takes /q/'s 666666 GET, which are implemented 3 months later.

June 29 - A newfig from /b/ is banned for making a roll thread.

July - [s4s] raids /b/ with this copypasta:

    Fucking lol'd
    10/10 if troll
    7/10 if copypasta

July 3 - Kekkats gets the 555555 GET for the Ananamoose/Scrubmaster campaign for the upcoming elections. Gippo Dudee reminds [s4s] of his ownership with dozens of threads created.

July 4 - The [s4s] Skype group is created, originally consisting of 4 namefigs: Kekkats, Miki, scrubmaster, and Hexictated.

July 7 - Notable namefig "Anonymous" wins the royal elections, with 363 votes. Moose/Scrub gets 164 votes, followed by Mari Makinami with 84, Gippo Dudee with 64, and le man with 30.

July 11 - Mari Makinami Illustrious™ gets another GET - the 600K GET, complaining about the current state of the board.

July 16 - kekofchristmaspast gets quints proclaiming Lil' Ayo as the guardian angel of [s4s]. Notable namefig fagget is banned, after using a bot that would reply to every single post ending in dubs, with a copypasta. The bot would check dubs just SECONDS after the post is posted. scrubmaster shows newfriends how to make OC. In addition, fagget also spammed le master trole ASCII pasta in every thread.

July 18 - The last issue of the Tribune is released, with J. Jonah Jameson claiming that he will be on a hiatus until October 12. He doesn't come back until April 1 of the next year.

July 22 - The "more kek" thread 404s, with around the same number of posts as the original. Several more kek threads are made after by prime minister face, but they autosage at the bump limit (300 posts).


666666 GET

July 23 - The 666666 GET occurs; a reply to 666656 saying only "Me".

July 29 - A doge thread is stickied.

July 30 - An anon posts a thread with a picture of a B-52s album trying to get a post number ending in 52. Instead, his post number ends in 53, and someone replies to the thread with "so close! don't worry, it can happen to anybody!". The post gets dozens of "#REKT" replies.

July 31 - Another sticky man thread gets stickied with instructions for newfriends.

August 3 - Spain attacks [s4s], trying to claim every thread.

August 5 - Gamefig (later revealed to be Urist McDwarf) releases [s4s]: The Game.

August 6 - A thread is posted inviting [s4s] to a party on /sp/. Originally this was advertised heavily on /sp/, but mods began banning people, so after Captain Kek and Ananamoose pleaded with mods on /q/, the party was relocated to [s4s] with a sticky.

August 6-8 - The Frogening occurs. Kekkats creates over 70 froge threads, and every single thread has froge in it.

August 7 - Le wallclimbing thief steals /mu/'s 38888888 GET for the glory of [s4s].

August 9 - Urist McDwarf releases the first issue of the Dispatch.

August 11 - A le sticky man thread gets stickied.

August 12 - Ylilauta raids [s4s] with le thin hair chin man. Over 70 le thin hair chin man threads are made. Namefig ur mum spams [s4s] with "That's pretty offensive >:^(", posting it in nearly every thread. He is later banned, with a purple palm tree man saying that he is "bringing negative energy to the board".

August 13 - The 777777 GET happens. A thread featuring a seven-headed giga nigga was posted, saying "Only 777777 can stop him." The GET occured in the same thread - a reply to the OP saying "HELLO."

August 15 - An anon posts "I will samefag reply to my post until 4chan dies" in a sticky. With the help of a few others, his post gets 4,563 replies (doubling the previous reply record from /mlp/'s 10M GET) before the thread eventually 404s and kills Foolzashit's archive of the thread. This anon would begin going by the name "eternal samefig" shortly after. A thread created by swaglord is changed into Comic Sans.

Mid-August - "le page 10 save rave" and "every thread deserves at least 1 reply" begins happening.

August 16 - LowTax gets the 800K GET, claiming that "all post numbers will be deleted in the upcoming months". swaglord makes a Comic Sans thread.

August 18 - A thread is made with a link to a post made by mot on /a/. The [s4s] thread is titled "GUYS MOOT IS BEING GAY QUICK". mot then posts in the thread as "mot ## Admin" saying "that moot guy is a faggot".

August 19 - A sticky man thread gets stickied, with the text "those who accept kek into their lives shall claim the donut man's fortune."

August 20 - /b/ infamously "raids" [s4s] with gore, not realizing that [s4s] is a funposting board and untrollable.

August 21 - New sticky: the music video of a rap about 4chan made by "rapper" Josef on Deck gets stickied and auto played.

August 25 - An Anonymous user (later revealed to be Urist McDwarf) begins spamming [s4s] with an image of a silhouette of an air-ship with the picture reading "SEPTEMBER 1/PREPARE TO MEME LIKE YOU'VE NEVER MEMED BEFORE". The spam continues until September 1st. The "Shit 4chan Slams" mixtape is released, consisting of a bunch of Space Jam theme remixes.

August 26 - The thread that would end up creating [s4s]'s OC albums is made, asking if [s4s] has any talented musicians.

August 27 - Official Wrinkle Face™ creator steals /fit/'s 22222222 GET.

August 28 -
Captain Kek comes back from the dead for the 13333333 GET on /x/. swaglord stickies a thread with a picture of some "fresh from the oven" Sticky Hands.

August 29 - 888888 GET. "le cool face for a get m8"

August 30 - Chii takes the 900K GET, predicting the coming of the 899999 GET. Dubking haunts [s4s] with spooky ghosts.

Late August - An anon floods [s4s] with cats.

September 1 - Exactly 17 seconds after midnight (EDT), Anonymous posts the meme [s4s] has been waiting for - blimp. The thread contains a link to an .rar file with over 400 more blimp images.

September 2 - Iran approves all images posted on [s4s].

Porn threads moot

moot :^)

September 3 - moot creates a sticky, asking if porn dumps should be allowed.

September 4 - moot says "You guys are my favorite. Thank you for all that you do." in the sticky concerning porn dumps.

September 6 - Cocksucker 3.0 goes on vacation yet again.

September 9 - A cate thread is temporarily stickied.

S4s fortune

First fortune on [s4s]

September 10 - Following a thread on /q/, mot brings back #fortune by posting a thread with the fortune "Good news will come to you by mail", enabling them on [s4s]. [s4s] quickly exploded with #fortunes. #fortunes were previously used throughout /b/ in early 2007. Although fortunes are originally displayed at the top of posts, they are shifted to the bottom later on. swaglord also makes another sticky showing newfriends how to use #fortune. Fortunes were originally checked by typing #fortune in the name field, but are now checked by putting "fortune" (without quotes) in the options field. Mot changes the name of the board to [s4s] - Shit 4chan Says.

September 12 - swaglord creates the orange text< thread.

September 14 - scrubmaster makes The Great Fignewton Guide, which becomes a sticky. Le shit nigger steals the 40M GET on /mu/ for [s4s].

September 15 - /g/ steals the 1M GET. "That feel when /g/ gets the /s4s/ get." Namefig amig/o/ got 999999. Notable namefigs scrubmaster, Ananamoose, and mrkek are all banned for posting in a "trips decides what board we raid" thread by a newfig from /b/. Scrubmaster, Moose, and Kek directed the newfig back to >>>/b/. (It's nice to see croces oc being used :^]) Epic!

September 17 - The original dent in bottle thread is created. Namefig keklord posts IRL topkek on [s4s] with a timestamp as proof.

September 19 - swaglord posts a series of threads on /b/ under his mod tripcode - showing /b/ our dent in bottle and cate and memes. Also, Foolzashit dies on this same day, taking tons of posts from May to September with it.

September 21 - Anonymous ## Moderator posts yet another epic thread to /b/ urging posters to cheer for doge, in reference to [s4s]'s sticky.

September 24 - [s4s] helps YouTube vlogger Colin McCooey, giving him over 70,000 views and 1,900 subscribers. Using his moderator capcode, swaglord posts a thread with a pic of Wrinkle Face to /b/ with the text "new meme".

September 27 - Kekkats takes over the Dispatch, after Urist McDwarf leaves.

September 28 - Captain Kek goes to Atlanta for the 4chan 10th Anniversary panel at the AWA and meets swaglord and mot. Captain Kek asks mot at the Q&A for a new meme, and le quick brown fox is created as a result. Captain asked mot to write something in his notebook for [s4s], and mot wrote "I love your paper! m♥t#fortune". The autograph is given to Kekkats for his work on the Dispatch.

Late September - Boypussy and Dubstep are both spammed on [s4s]. scrubmaster's guide also 404s, being replaced by a blank sticky with spooky unicode in the name and subject fields.

October 1 - Every thread on every board (including [s4s]) gets birthday hats over them to celebrate le 10th anniversary of 4chins.

October 3 - A thread with no image and no text gets stickied.

October 6 - [s4s] takes over temporarily.

October 8 - A thread is made showing newfigs a friendly guide to what post numbers are doubles and what post numbers are not. The thread is stickied for about 2 days.

October 9 - The first septs GET on [s4s] - 1111111, the infamous fig newton GET. The thread was stickied shortly after.

October 11 - The World Athletic Project archive begins archiving [s4s], along with all other boards that were archived by Foolzashit.

October 13 - The first [s4s] Film Festival is held.

October 14 - An anon spams "Original Poster (if OP posts as anon), or (if OP is a namefig) [OP] is a Funny Amazing Guy", (which, when abbreviated, spells out an unprivileged word) in every thread. A public ban is given to someone who makes a "Posts ending in 0 are facts" thread.

October 15 - A thread that autoplays a video of a bear playing with a tetherball is stickied.

October 18 - A thread autoplaying a video of a doge with music gets stickied.

October 19 - The admin of World Athletic Project is forced to delete the website by law enforcement due to massive amounts of illegal content on the /b/ archive.

October 21 - A thread by eternal samefig where he posts "I have the feeling that we are going to have a sticky soon :^)" and gets dubs is stickied.

October 25 - For Dubs or Money, the 2nd [s4s] album, is released and stickied. Also, Keksuki leaves [s4s].

October 31 - A very scary sticky for Halloween.

Late October/Early November - Urist McDwarf leaves [s4s].

November 1 - swaglord makes a thread where every image that is posted becomes topkek. For a brief instant, every image on the front page is topkek as well.

November 5 - 1222222 GET - Needs more towercat.

November 12 - The 1222222 GET is stickied.

Mid-November - The "kiwi vs. toucan" and political parties battles begin.

November 15 - John Hammond opens a thread, with hundreds of clones replying with "Hello John".

November 17 - First walruse thread created.

November 18 - 4plebs begins archiving [s4s]. The issue 3, which is the second ever animated [s4s] newspaper issue, of Ebin Metro is released. It is not known what the first animated newspaper is. 

The Holy History of s4s02:33

The Holy History of s4s

A narrated history of [s4s] was posted on November 20

November 20 - A Purple Palm Tree Man posts in a walruse thread - "I love walruse". Namefig Urist McDwarf commits suicide IRL - this discovered on September 26, 2014.

November 22 - Several namefigs and anons, led by Kekkats, spam [s4s] with froge.

November 24 - Kekkats and another accomplice from Lupchan's /Shit [s4s] Says/ board spam [s4s] with reminders that say "[s4s] is property of [a/jp]". Kekkats and 6 other known bans are issued and put on the leaderboard as a result.

November 25 - In a string of unsuccessful kek threads, prime minister face makes yet another kek thread. Unlike the previous ones, the bump limit is finally lifted off of this one. The thread reached similar proportions to the first 2.

November 30 - The 1333333 GET occurs - a post saying "prepare to get prepared like you never prepared to get prepared before" in a thread about the GET featuring le trash man.

December 8 - After over 2 weeks without a sticky, a thread by eternal samefig where he posted le sticky santa and got quads is finally stickied.

December 19 - A mod posts [s4s]'s very own ghost cupcake meme to /b/, stating that is is a "new meme".

December 22 - the [s4s] proudly presents: "Greatest Gets" album is stickied.

December 27 - The 1444444 GET occurs - stolen by someone claiming to be from /b/. Not only did the person use the rude and unprivileged word "faggot", many suspected him of using a script, especially since the post was 2 seconds after #1444443 (even though this happens all the time without scripts).


January 7 -'s child porn star, posting as @TheReem, begins his infamous "Is this your fetish?" spam, posting it in every single thread made between the 7th until the 25th, when swaglord interferes.

January 8 - A moderator posts a pic of le new meme, goate.


trifork on /b/

January 10 - Mod posts a picture of a le "whate" Jamaican guy to [s4s]. In this ITT Captain Kek posts a new meme, trifork, which consists of three Unicode triangles stacked into a pyramid. The mod enjoyed this meme, and proceeded to post it on /b/.

January 13 - swaglord uses his modhacks to turn a thread (and all threads below it) into papyrus.

January 15 - A post by Getter Robo is stickied. "LETS BREAK THE REPLY RECORD"

January 20 - eternal samefig takes the 1555555 GET, very similar to his 1000000 and 1234567 GETs - "the feel when /g/ takes the /s4s/ get xDDD" with a picture of a master ruseman. The GET is quickly forgotten about.

Tyrone compliments s4s00:24

Tyrone compliments s4s

Tyrone compliments esfores

January 22 - /a/ friend's post is stickied with a link to a YouTube video of Tyrone complimenting [s4s].

January 25 - @TheReem is publicly banned by swaglord, aka le purple palm tree men. Just minutes after his ban, Valerie started the "I think I watched a documentary on this." spam, similar to the "Is this your fetish?" spam, was posted in every thread made between the 25th and the 29th. It only lasted only 4 days before stopping. Several copycat pastas were spammed throughout the following days, including "I can't wait to post this on my wall!", "i got dubs once", "Make sure to stretch before bed", "Same here, then I got in and pipes stopped spawning" and "I heard the song "South of Market" by Joyce Cooling..."

January 27 - An emotional video of world-renowned musician Mark Gormley is stickied. This is the first moment in [s4s] history in which three posts are stickied at once.

February 4 - A video of an African American gentleman listening to a #rude Wikipedia article being read out is embedded in a post by swaglord. An as[s4s]sin bumps every thread below it to make the thread 404.

February 10 - Mods posted flowre to /bee/.

February 14 - /k/'s 20000000 GET is stolen by Back to the Roots, pointing out that birds are important.

February 16 - The 1666666 GET occurs, a new thread with the text "Epic" and a picture from the music video of Faith No More's "Epic" of the band's lead singer, Mike Patton. @TheReem returns and begins spamming "Was it worth it?"

February 18 - Getter Robo's reply record sticky is unstickied, and a blank le sticky man sticky takes its place. However, when the thread reaches Page 11, very strange things start happening - the thread temporarily stays at the bottom of Page 11, and then more and more threads started getting added to Page 11, and eventually more pages were created. All threads that were created after could be viewed in the catalog, but could only be posted in via quick reply, as accessing them directly gives you a 404 error. There were reports of 504 bad gateway errors when making threads as well. It ended after 28 pages had been created. Most threads on [s4s] at the time are deleted, including the kek thread and Getter Robo's reply record. It had 11,916 direct replies and 13,519 total replies. In addition, swaglord makes a thread where all posts are in Times New Roman.

February 28 - Unicode Anon makes a thread stating that he has been "raiding /r/ with niceness" for the past two weeks by fulfilling worthy requests, and encourages others to do the same. He attempted to fix the "cicpriv misogynistic attitude" by trolling people making lewd requests (e.g. "Make this b*tch naked!" or "X-ray this c*nt") and removing girls from the pictures, along with other comedic edits. He received 14 "thank you"s on February 28 alone. Unicode Anon has continued to help people on /r/ to the present day, counting the number of "thank you"s he has received. He achieved the milestone of 1000 "thank yous" on March 6, 2015.

March 3 - child porn star/@TheReem/Valerie returns yet again, this time posting as Aya and spamming "Why do you hate me?"

Jordan Stole The Precious Slam02:02

Jordan Stole The Precious Slam


March 7 - A video ("Jordan Stole The Precious Slam") is embedded by a mod to auto play and auto repeat.

March 9 - An ad claiming [s4s] is property of [a/jp] goes up on [s4s] prompting a group effort to put up a counter ad against [a/jp].

March 10 - The counter ad against [a/jp] is revealed to have been rejected by mot, leading many posters to believe [a/jp] really does own the board. Later the same day the 1755555 GET occurs claiming "if 5x5 then this board is owned by anon not tripfags or a/jp or mods". Confusion to who owns the board has returned to an all time high.

March 16 - Post number 1777777 occurs and is stickied on the 21st, it contains a picture of Richard Stallman. "remember"

March 20 - Bruce Wayne steals /co/'s 60000000 GET and is banned.

March 23 - swaglord posts an ITT of Dashing Black Man Holding Dangerously Large Dorito. All posts in the thread (and all threads below it) are turned into Comic Sanse after two unsuccessful attempts.

March 27 - Exactly seven months since the last stolen octs, an Anon steals /r9k/'s 11111111 GET with the post "haha time for [s4s]".

Swaglord b

One brave moderator's funposting guide

March 28 - A mod posts a pic containing a compilation of memes from an /s4s/ thread on /b/.

April 1 - [s4s]'s first birthday! :^) J. Jonah Jameson of the s4s tribune returns, posting several detailed & epic articles concerning recent(ish) events, including an interview with mot. His thread is stickied, along with a mod post IRONICALLY claiming [s4s] is going to be shut down. Queen Kimmy visits /s4s/ to wish us a happy birthday. The "Happy Birthday!" Le Ruse Bird reveals the big surprise he's been reminding us about since February. The third OC album, "Return of Our S4viorS" is released to the public.

April 2 - Mods ban a newfroge for making a roll thread.

April 3 - An "ass" thread by le shit nigger is stickied.

April 4 -


In honor of the new ass sticky, several users band together to 'educate' [s4s] by making hundreds of threads featuring "ass" in several different languages. swaglord embeds a thread with the music "Spinal Meningitis".

April 7 - swaglord posts "le about to sit down man" on /b/ with his moderator capcode, and later makes a post about it on [s4s]. Unicode anon / the that it / nice.gif guy successfully transforms the entire American Psycho movie into 51 two minute WebM files and posts the entire movie in his thread. The WebM file featuring the Huey Lewis scene gets dubs.

April 9 - A thread saying "Mods are asleep. Post Le About To Sit Man." replaces the Tribune sticky. The 1888888 GET occurs, it is a modified picture of Bateman with no text.

April 10 - The 1888888 GET is stickied.

April 11 - Unicode anon converts the film "V for Vendetta" into 64 two minute WebM files and posts them on /s4s/.

April 15 - Unicode anon converts the film "The Princess Bride" into 49 two minute WebM files and posts them on /s4s/.

April 18 - The return of le sticky man. Unicode anon converts the film "Freaks" into 33 two minute WebM files and posts it on /s4s/.

April 27 - A moderator posts frightened ice cream wearing a fedora on /b/.

April 28 - [s4s] is flooded with "oh cool how epic kid", with the first thread being posted at 12:43.

April 29 - A kek thread becomes sticky. 14 other threads are stickied, with 15 stickies (or a whole page) in total. This was in response to a post complaining about stickies losing their novelty. (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11) (12) (13) (14) (15).

April 30 - 14 of the posts are unstickied, leaving only the kek thread. Later that day, mot himself posts "gold :^)" in response to someone who posted the ">he does it for free" pasta in an anti-janitor thread.


oh cool how epic kid

May 1 - "oh cool how epic kid" is introduced to /b/ by a mod.

May 6 - The 2M GET happens after lots of tension. A new meme, "le italiano man" gets both the 1999999 and 2000000 GETs (2000000 was a new thread saying "italiano" with a picture of italiano, and 1999999 was a post saying "kk rms" in another italiano thread). An anime poster gets #1999998, and a pony poster gets #2000001.

June 5 - The 2111111 GET occurs, and is taken by le shit nigger saying "good double" while replying to another post with dubs. It is met with controversial replies because the four posts that were closest to the GET were all anime. (1)(2)(3)(4)

June 10 - A thread reading "verdananan" replaces the bananan sticky (from May 23). It changes all text below it to the font Verdana.

June 17 - A newfig is publicly banned for posting well done steak with "kekchup".

June 18 - In a similar fashion to the original maymay thread, The Ruseman is publicly warned for posting medium rare steak with peppercorn sauce.

June 19 - le millenom girl is created.

June 27 - A Homestuck general is transformed into papyruse by swaglord several posts in. The thread is stickied shortly after, and is met with controversial replies. The thread was opened because Homestuck generals were recently banned from /co/. A moderator posts "ayy lmao" on /b/ in reference to [s4s] being recently flooded with the meme.

June 30 - swaglord embeds this music in a "dick" thread with a picture of Noam Chomsky attached. In this ITT, swaglord receives the elusive fortune "Your fortune: You gon' get some dick". Namefig kekero releases Froger, a video game based on the froge meme.

July 1 - swaglord makes a funpost with brightly colored text and large font size on /sp/.

July 2 - Post number 2222222 happens, it is an anime (anime is lame lmao) GET by Kekkats.



July 4 - swaglord creates an /s4s/ thread, wishing us all a happy "froth" of July. It contains an embedded GIF of Olly in front of an American flag. The song "United States of Whatever" is embedded too. A duplicate thread is posted on /b/ and later stickied. It has the text "WE ARE THE BURGER" colored red, white, and blue. Later on, the thread had waving American flag GIFs added to the background at the top of the page. The stickies are unstickied the day after.

Tribune death

The Tribune's death

July 7 - The Tribune is shut down by J. Jonah Jameson (again) for reasons unknown. A [s4s]quatch takes /a/'s 110000000 GET.

July 9 - A moderator posts le flufe on /b/. The 55555556 GET occurs in the ITT.

July 13 - /vp/'s 20000000 GET is taken by an [s4s] user.

July 15 - Le spiderman faec threads are spammed all over s4s with pictures of J. Jonah Jameson. swaglord makes another "papyruse" thread, and post the new meme >(° )3 to /b/ after calling it a good meme in an /s4s/ thread.

July 16 - The 2277777 GET occurs, introducing a new meme ( ><> le fish ><> ). A moderator posts the meme on /b/ an hour later. Birds are officially declared important in a moderator post.

July 21 - The 2300000 GET is stickied, along with a Bane thread containing the 2299999 GET.

July 25 - Relatively new namefig Tsuua ragequits s4s after rudeposters swarm his personal blog thread. The board gets flooded with meta rants.

July 28 - The 2333333 GET occurs, and is met with negative replies due to the fact that the only content was "get".

R9k sticky

The sticky that started it all

July 30 - /r9k/'s users flood [s4s] after moot posts a locked sticky on /r9k/ claiming that the robot is dead. This leads /r9k/'s users into believing that "the robot" refers to /r9k/ itself ("the robot" is the unoriginality-filter that /r9k/ uses which moot disabled that day) and that /r9k/ is going to get deleted. moot then cleared things up and /r9k/'s users returned home. A party thread is posted as well as invitation threads on multiple boards. Users claiming to be from [s4s] flood /r9k/ with le pelican, "ayy lmao", and other spam, possibly in protest of the removal of the filter.

August 7 - A thread requesting music for /s4s/'s fourth OC album is stickied for 4 days.

August 12 - Following the creation of the options field, fortunes are now checked by typing "fortune" (without quotes) in "Options" rather than putting "#fortune" in the name field.

August 14 - The Foolz Archive is taken over by Woxxy and renamed, and their archive of [s4s] (which was previously only available in beta) is made publicly visible.

August 18 - Moderator swaglord takes the 2444444 GET with "BAVI", and stickies it moments later.

August 26 - Luptron steals /v/'s 260000000 GET.


/b/'s 565000000 GET

August 27 - /s4s/ is raided with anti-anime posts at the request of /b/'s 565 mil GET. The moderator swaglord stickies a thread claiming that animes are cool in response. Also, Kekkats is fat.

September 4 - A moderator stickies 17 threads, which extend all the way to page 2 and leaves [s4s] with 12 pages. (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11) (12) (13) (14) (15) (16) (17). The le funny banana thread remains stickied, which brings the sticky total to 18. This beat [s4s]'s previous sticky record of 15, which was achieved on April 29, 2014. A video game about the Smug Wojak meme, entitled Smug Wojak's Beer Run, is released but gets no attention.

September 5 - All threads are unstickied except for the "heh" thread and science magazine thread.

September 8 - Mods sticky a "yee" thread. Another thread containing a drawn representation of a sticky is stickied several hours later.

September 9 - [s4s]'s fourth album, Songs to pork it to, premiers on A thread anticipating the event is posted on [s4s] and stickied.

September 13 - The 2555555 GET occurs.

September 18 - Two dogefruit threads are stickied at the same time, and they remain that way for 3 days.

September 19 - /o/'s 11111111 GET is stolen with the Kekfats meme. "Remember the Ayylamo" is stickied.

September 23 - A thread with an embedded "Yee" remix is stickied.

September 25 - swaglord opens a portal to /b/.

September 26 - Kekkats announces that namefig Urist McDwarf an hero'd on November 20, 2013. /s4s/ mourns collectively and the thread is stickied.

September 30 - Smug Wojak's Beer Run gets re-released and another [s4s] video game, Kabosukabosu to the Moon(also known as the dogefruit video game), comes out.

October 1 - Kabosukabosu to the Moon gets a minor fix.

October 3 - swaglord creates a thread in which all text is turned into webdings. Namefig post peeker discovers [s4s] and starts peeking. He becomes a meme almost instantly.

October 16 - Kekfats takes the 2666666 GET with "This is nice board" in a thread that got quints.

November 3 - /s4s/'s first EP, The Spooky EP, is released.

November 4 - The thread announcing the new album is stickied. Kabosukabosu to the Moon (the dogefruit video game) gets a major update.

November 21 - The 2777777 GET occurs, and is a reminder that Gippo Dudee is the king of [s4s]. It is deleted by Nazi mods.

November 23 - A /q/ general is posted, and becomes a regular thing that people post in.

Lel Times sticky

Goodnight, sweat prince

November 29 - The 81st and final issue of the Lel Times is published.

November 30 - The final issue of the Lel Times is stickied.


le chen face

December 4 - For some time, there is an image below [s4s]'s thread box, depicting the honking 2hu character, and a honk version of the Neon Genesis Evangelion theme music (entitled "a cruel angel's honk", there are no capitalizations in the name) is played. After that, the image and music are removed, and instead another image is inserted below [s4s]'s thread box, saying "DON'T HONK|$350 PENALTY".


The Day /pol/ invaded

December 7 - /pol/ is given numerous improvements, such as word filters, trigger warnings, high levels of shitposting, and all posts being dubs. It devolves into utter chaos, and remains in such a state for approximately one month. swaglord opens a thread on /s4s/ to raise awareness of these improvements, in which he uses mystery surprise boxes and opens a portal to /pol/. In the ITT, Anon asks for swaglord to sticky the dank "wew lad" meme on /pol/, and he complies. /pol/ is not pleased with these improvements, however, and invades [s4s] to claim it as their new home. A thread is stickied in response, saying "POST ALL OF YOUR DANK MEMES TO DRIVE OUT THE /POL/ UNFUNPOSTERS".

December 8-9 - /pol/ continues to invade [s4s], and the post rate increases greatly. 13 threads are stickied to drive away /pol/; (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11) (12) (13). This brings the sticky total to 15, which takes up the entirety of [s4s]'s first page. Another thread containing a repost of the fignewton guide is also stickied, but is deleted shortly after.

December 13 - Spoiler images and spoiler text are implemented on [s4s]. A modpost introducing surprise text (spoilers) is stickied, along with a thread in which users submit images of what they believe should replace the default surprise box image.



December 15 - Six of the spoiler images posted in swaglord's thread replace the default spoiler image. These include a surprise box with the text "YOUD BE SURPRISE" (later corrected to "YOUD BE SUPRISE"), the original surprise box, bury pink girl, Bateman, spurdo, and topkek.

December 16 - The 2888888 GET occurs, and is one poster saying hi to another.

December 18 - mot checks swaglord's dubs, making his first appearance on [s4s] in several months.

December 29 - A couple of anons and Yuji Sakai force a new meme called "lemon line" by spamming threads that at one point take up about a fifth of the catalog and the majority of the front page. The last "lemon line" thread remains until January 1, 2015.

2015 Edit

January 3 - The first issue of post peeker's newspaper, The Weekly Peek, comes out. From this day on, new issues are released about once a week on Fridays or Saturdays.

January 7 - A Lemon Line thread is stickied, and swaglord opens a portal there which leads to a Lemon Line thread on /b/. The first post of the /b/ thread has the Lemon Line character art written in yellow text and is presumably made by swaglord as well. He also possibly makes another post in the thread where Lemon Line is said to be the most epic meme of 2015. This post is special because it is written using a big font size. swaglord also starts a BAVI thread which has the song "Little Birds" by "We Are Wolves" embedded. Around this time the description of the board changes from "elimination of privilege" to "posting dank memes :^)".

January 8 - An update to GPTA occurs. /pol/ returns to normal - wordfilters, trigger warnings, shitpost stickies, and fake dubs are removed, and the "Welcome to /pol/" sticky is reinstated. However, geolocation flags and board-wide IDs remain. The few remaining /pol/ posters leave [s4s].

January 9 - A thread with an embedded video about dank memes is stickied for 4 days. A new Lemon Line thread is created on /b/. It has the same yellow ASCII art from the previous one as well as big Comic Sanse text which reads, "FRESH SQUEEZED MEME'S HERE GET YOU'RE ARE FRESH SQUEEZED MEME"S!!!!!! :^)". Someone posts an ASCII version of a dogefruit as well as the original image in the thread, which makes someone else create a /b/ thread about dogefruit (dubbed there as lime shibe).

January 12 - Another Lemon Line thread is created on /b/ with the same yellow ASCII art as in the previous ones. There is also a big Comic Sanse text which reads, "FRESH SQUEEZED MEME'S HERE!!!!! GET YOU'RE ARE FRESH SQUEEZED MEM'ES HERE!!!". About fifty minutes later, a post with an embedded Lemon Line image is made in the thread, probably by swaglord or another mod. The Lemon Line thread from January 7 is unstickied.

January 13 - swaglord creates a thread in which the opening post has a center-aligned ASCII version of the "yee" meme as well as an embedded video (also center-aligned), "Boulevard of Broken Yee - GrYeen DaYee". He also starts a thread in which he checks his own dubs. The post includes a text "CHECK 'EM :^)" which is written in big Comic Sanse. The thread is stickied for 5 days.

January 20 - The number of pages is reduced from ten to nine but returns back after maintenance.

RIP 4chan

RIP 4chan

January 21 - The founder mot ## Admin retires from 4chan, but not before making one final post on esfores. RIP IN PEAsE :_:

January 22 - A video about mot's retirement is embedded below the thread box and played on repeat. The video is named "RIP 4chan" and uploaded by HappyHappyCultist AKA Le Ruse Bird. On the same day, 3bard and Orkek release the long-awaited 5th OC albume, le ebin lel lels xdd on The album party was dedicated to both mot and the late Urist McDwarf. All [s4s] albums/EPs can be found here.

January 21-23 - LoLo plans the creation of a going away card for mot. A continuation thread is stickied for one day on the 23rd. One of the final cards was archived.

January 23 - The livestream of moot's final Q&A (hosted on 4chan's YouTube channel) is embedded below the announcement of moot's retirement. This happens for all boards, including [s4s]. The Q&A lasts for 8 hours, and remains embedded and replayable. A board named "/qa/ - Questions and Answers" is created to ask moot questions for the livestream, and many [s4s] users flock there to funpost.

January 25 - The 3000000 get occurs which goes to an epic new meme face, ":]]". The thread it occurred in is stickied.

January 26 - swaglord creates an imageless sticky which has the new meme :]] face in size 8 font. "Moot in Memoriam" picture by Mac is published in the news section of 4chan.

January 28 - in "ask the twitter bird" thread OP got the (USER WAS WARNED FOR THIS POST) due to the roll threads. The 3M GET and :]] threads are unstickied.

February 2 - All stickies are unstickied. swaglord embeds a slow motion WebM of him juggling. It contains audio, which is not yet available for users to post on [s4s].

February 3 - swaglord stickies and embeds Benin's national anthem in an /int/ thread dedicated to drawing from memory the greatest Finnish contribution to the global community, Spurdo.

February 4 - Kekfats reopens the Dispatch after nearly 10 months on hiatus.

Dankmaymays on February 8, 2015

February 5 - Namefig korchak registers, and takes suggestions from Anons on what to add to the site. Features include "The Swamp" (a message board), funny memes, a link to Myspace, and pages with annoying embedded music.

February 6 - Three OPs expressing their disdain for stickies have their threads stickied (1) (2) (3). An OC meme, "le happy hat" that shows a template of Pharrell Williams hat, is also stickied, along with the suggestion thread. The sticky-thread count is now 6. In a swaglord appreciation thread started by le toucan of doom, swaglord posts, "i <3 u le toucan of doom :^)" (the heart is actually red in that post).

February 7 - A thread in which the OP asks /pol/ redpill them about furbies is stickied. There are now seven stickies on [s4s].

February 8 - The stickies about stickies are unstickied, and so are the furby thread and le happy hat.

February 9 - All stickies except cowe are unstickied (and it remains stickied until February 12). Korchak is asked about the future of, and they reply by announcing their plan to open a suggestion box on the site itself and maybe start another thread on [s4s] when new memes are created.

February 15 - [s4s], along with every other board except /b/, is mysteriously down...

February 26 - 3bard starts a discussion thread about the 6th s4s OC albume, tentatively named "New Maymay Alert".

February 28 - The 3111111 GET occurs - "my mfw I miss the get". The second [s4s] Film Festival is held and takes place on Additionally, a film festival thread is made on [s4s] and most films shown in the festival are compiled into a YouTube playlist.

March 1 - A thread about Figget's mixtape, [Shit 4chan Shakes], is stickied for a day and moved to the top of the front page.

March 2 - The name of [s4s] is changed from "[s4s] - Shit 4chan Says" to "[s4s] - Sh*t 4chan Says", likely due to this request thread.

March 5 - A thread is made bold by swaglord to prove that he is the real swaglord. In a trips-checking thread, the OP got the (USER WAS WARNED FOR THIS POST) because they started a post number GET thread. However, the message is more a super-rare mod check than an actual warning.

Thank you

999 "thank you"s

March 6 - In a quest that spanned over a year (actually a few months if you start from where he started counting thank yous), Unicode Anon receives his 1000th "thank you"s for fulfilling requests on /r/. This figure does not include requests he fulfilled in which the roody-poo OPs who did not thank him. He celebrates his victory in an /s4s/ thread, and shares all 1000 "thank you"s.


Prepare to lel like you've never lel'd before

March 15 - A banner ad on [s4s] appears, hinting at a lel-related surprise on April 1. The first [s4s] occurrences of the rare-Pepe-trading meme (that presumably originates from /r9k/) appear.

March 17 - Swaglord starts a thread in which he says he has not made a thread for a while and which changes the font to Papyrus(e).

March 22 - A "bune raven" "meme" (pictures about a bunny version of Raven from Teen Titans) is forced everywhere. A "bottlel" meme (a meme about hot water bottles, arguably unrelated to the botle meme which got stickied on September 18, 2014) is also forced. The bune raven "meme" keeps appearing after this day.

March 23 - Another bune raven thread in which the OP gets the (USER WAS BUNED FOR THIS POST) message is created. The same message also appears in the first reply (which also features the "meme") in the same thread.

March 26 - Frogposting (posting Pepe) and trading rare Pepes intensify, and will continue to do so until at least April 7. Most frogposters presumably come from /r9k/ which is invaded by "normies".

March 27 - A thread about a website whose domain is is stickied, and so is a "Holy Nolan" thread. Anonymous makes a thread which they ask to be stickied and locked. Mods comply. A Cool Shirts Guy copypasta/meme is spammed everywhere on [s4s] since this day.

March 28 - The "Holy Nolan" thread is unstickied. A thread which the OP asks to be stickied as a reply to the "stickied and locked" thread is stickied and unstickied approximately 30 minutes later.

March 30 - Swaglord starts and stickies a thread in which he embeds mot's Vine video of the two reenacting the original "yee" video. The planning for [s4s]'s second birthday begins.

April 1 - [s4s]'s 2nd birthday!!! :^) The hype that was the April 1st celebratory spam of lel lead to a board-wide disappointment, as no lelling occured. The entire lel campaign was most likely an April Fool. In response, [s4s]' community decided to take it upon themselves to commence the lelling, with over 50 lel threads on the board at once. An [s4s] music collection album, FORE! (Only Oldfigs Remember), is released. The Lel Times returns with a brand new special magazine issue that was stickied almost immediately. Overall, this was a wonderful birthday. :^D

April 2 - The Lel Times comeback issue is unstickied. Thread titles that are displayed in browser tabs are fixed from /s4s/ to [s4s]. An anon makes a thread proclaiming "The last user who posts in this thread before it gets deleted and archived becomes the new king of [s4s."] After 2 days and more than 530 replies, an Anonymous user wins. Our new king promptly disappears from the public eye, never to be heard from again.

April 4 - A new "daily dose" type meme, Food Gore!, is introduced.

April 5 - GPTA 3.0 is released.

April 6 - At least two memes are forced quite aggressively. These are "What exists in your mind as conspiracy, will manifest itself in reality" and "see me after class".

April 7 - A meme called "the swastika of meme faces" is spammed everywhere.

April 9 - swaglord makes several BAVI threads in a short time (few seconds between threads). In one thread, the OP asks to be warned and the message (USER WAS NOT ACTUALLY WARNED FOR THIS POST IF HE POSTS A SCREENSHOT LATER IT'S A FAKE IM TELLING U MAN DONT BELIEVE HIM) is added to their post.

April 10 - Funfriend makes a thread in which they say they're there just to check everyone's privilege and make sure our memes aren't oppressive. The OP pic is a man in a tumblr shirt taking a selfie. The OP got a (USER WAS ELEVATED TO ADMINISTRATOR STATUS FOR THIS POST) message.

April 14 - swaglord asks [s4s] to make an image of his friend named Bane Bayne as an astronaut. In the thread, an anonymous poster asks swaglord if they can be new mot. Another poster replies by asking, "why be the new mot when you can be mot himself" and gets (USER WAS MADE NEW MOT FOR THIS POST). This post is replied with the word "cuck" and the poster gets (USER WAS AN ACTUAL CUCK FOR THIS POST). Later in the same thread, an anon asks if they can be meme and gets (USER WAS MEME FOR THIS POST).

April 19 - traine beare is stickied for a day. Many anons and namefigs express their disdain for swaglord's posting and stickying policy and demand he is banned. A thread claiming swaglord should be exiled from [s4s] if the OP gets dubs is stickied (and the OP got dubs). The swaglord thread remains stickied for one day.

April 22 - Apep thread is stickied for a day. In it, swaglord embeds a video entitled "That's Pep!" and later another video which is a remastered version of the first one.

April 26 - A thread promoting a new Lemon Line website is stickied for 2 days in less than an hour after its creation. The site is also added by korchak as one of the secret pages of In addition, the site appears on (which is basically a portal to the copy on

May 1 - The 3333333 GET is stolen by 8chan, but the day is saved thanks to the thread being bombarded by Cool Shirts Guy spam.

May 7 - A kek thread is stickied, which gains over 4000 replies and remains up until June 22.

May 8 - A project is started in which each pair of numbers is given a check. A user starts an "ah-ah-ahhhhh" thread and gets (USER WAS WARNED FOR THIS POST).

May 12 - The check-giving project is completed. Click here to see the wiki article.

May 19 - A Pepe thread is started and the OP gets (USER WAS MADE MORE RARE FOR THIS POST).

May 22 - The release event for [s4s] OC Albume 6: New Maymay Alert occurs.

May 23 - swaglord starts a thread which has this image embedded and the text "haha i am so moving to russian :^)". [s4s] OC Albume 6 - New Maymay Alert! is released, and 3bard and Friends start a thread about the release event.

May 23-24 - [s4s] OC Albume 6 release party is had on and in this thread.

May 25-26 - The board is hacked by "keksec". [spoiler]no one cares[/spoiler]

May 28 - swaglord starts a thread about le juxtapose meme. The first post has "le juxtapose meme" written with Comic Sanse, followed by a series of juxtaposed GIFs, and a "LE JUXTAPOSE MEME!!!" with big Comic Sanse. He also creates a juxtapose thread on /b/, but it only has the text "JUXTAPOSE" in big Comic Sanse above the images (the same ones as in the [s4s] thread) and nothing below them.

May 29 - [s4s] OC Albume 6 is released on Bandcamp. Le Ruse Bird makes an "unofficial official" thread for the albume.

June 2 - After many months of service to the community, Mr. Likes To Sage Threads finally steps down due to being warned by the mods. The official release thread for New Maymay Alert!™, the 6th [s4s] OC Albume, is created, and the 7th albume is also announced in that thread.

June 3 - The 3444444 GET occurs in a thread which is dedicated to the GET and is then stickied for two days.

June 7 - An anon takes the 3455555 GET by starting a BANTI thread. They later get (USER WAS BANTI'D FOR THIS POST).

June 8 - The 3455555 GET BANTI thread is stickied.

June 9 - Namefig Le Ruse Bird starts a thread asking [s4s] users to write a story, which later would be recorded as an audiobook.

June 10 - A cec thread is stickied. Swaglord starts a cec thread on /b/, and its opening post has a cec image from [s4s] embedded. The 3455555 GET BANTI thread is unstickied.

June 12 - A "save the bees" thread made in memory of the recently deleted /z/ board is stickied.

June 15 - The cec and "save the bees" threads are unstickied.

June 19 - Swaglord starts a thread with a big, embedded image of a bird eating ice cream with the title "BAVI".

June 22 - The kek thread is unstickied after gaining over 4000 replies and being a sticky for 46 days (47 if the unstickying day is included).

June 23 - GPTA 4.0 comes out, which prompts Ynyarri to make a DESU thread (because Suiseiseki is finally included).

July 6 - swaglord announces he's back by starting a thread which has no picture in its first post. He replies to the thread with a post which has a bold emoticon. Namefig BIG starts a thread with no image but a big text "PLEASE BE NICE". The thread is stickied. Later in the same thread, namefig Punky Brewster "attempts" the trick, to which an anonymous poster replies with big text, "BEING BIG JUST COMES NATURALLY. YOU CAN'T FORCE IT."

July 7 - BIG is asked in their thread how it feels like to have a sticky, and they reply (again in big text), "IT WAS A SURPRISE TO ME". Many hours later, BIG makes one more post: "PLEASE" written in big red text. Swaglord posts "test" and an embedded image in an "introducing" thread.

July 9 - Swaglord starts a "frosted butts" thread in which the opening post has a large embedded image instead of a regular one.

July 10 - Swaglord starts a thread which has a big "TBH" text and no image.

July 12 - A bob thread is stickied, (and later unstickied) containing the song Barbara Ann by The Beach Boys. It was ebin tbh :^). The 3555555 GET occurs in a doge thread.

July 13 - A thread presenting a flash video about the July 12th bob sticky is stickied for a day. Anonymous posters spam the board with variations of the phrase "WHY BECOME X IS SO HARD??????!!!!!!?????? RRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" mostly accompanied with an image of an angry Pepe wearing a kek suit. The "X" is often spoilered. At one point, there are 11 spam threads on the front page, and at another, the total frogpost thread count is well over 50, covering over a third of the catalog.

Why become x is so hard

Why become spammer is so EASY?

July 14 - Pepe spam continues for a short time. However, all new threads as well as threads that REEmained from the previous day are deleted, along with some unrelated FEFe threads and posts.

July 15 - One post in a thread about CIA with a drink breaks the board by blacking out everything below it. As a result, using spoilers becomes very popular for the next two days. Doctor Worse Than Hitler releases a custom CSS which enhances the [s4s] browsing experience.

July 17 - The blackout trick discovered two days earlier is used in another thread, in which Santa Gift Man darkens the board as a gift. The spoiler bug that makes the trick possible gets fixed. Swaglord starts a thread with an embedded image of a dog and some partially spoilered text describing the story of the animal.

July 18 - Both anonymous posters and namefigs spam froge. At one point, there are at least 30 froge threads on [s4s].

July 19 - The froge spam continues and the number of simultaneous threads goes up to almost 40. In a thread about [s4s]'s musical tastes, swaglord posts an embedded video of "Raw Milk" by Parquet Courts. An anon starts a "swaglord sunday (sic)" thread with an image of a glass painting about swaglord. A few hours later, swaglord himself posts in the thread really fast several times, "attempting" to take the 3575555 GET. He misses it and asks why lord has forsaken him followed by a "pls respond" post. He eventually posts "theyr'e is no god" and an embedded image of a black boy tipping a fedora.

July 20 - The froge spam continues but has slowed down. Swaglord starts and stickies a thread with an embedded video about melting ice cream and the following description "metaphor for life: we live, we melt, we fall over and die. it's really a deep video". The thread is unstickied three days later.

July 25 - le shit nigger/Some fig spams Steven Pinker/ass.

July 26 - A reddit userscript skin is released by kekero.

July 27 - The 3600000 GET occurs and is stickied until August 1.

July 28 - swaglord posts an embedded video (The Dream by Thee Oh Sees) in the 3.6M GET sticky.

July 30 - HappyHappyCultist AKA Le Ruse Bird releases a video about getting reviewed and starts a thread about the video. Korchak posts the video on The Swamp, the imageboard on the reviewed website.

July 31 - swaglord is summoned, and he posts an embedded indie music video as requested. He also makes a post with two embedded videos in poopboi's "I'M NEVER GONNA DANCE AGAIN" thread.

August 1 - Le Ruse Bird's thread announcing his BAVI NATION memetape is stickied for 4 days.

August 4 - swaglord starts an imageless thread in which he states, "in my imho anime isnt all that great".

August 5 - A palindrome thread which has the text "A M A N A P L A N A C A N A L P A N A M A" ("a man, a plan, a canal: Panama") and in which the OP got a palindrome is stickied and unstickied over half a day later.

August 19 - A race to page 11 between a red car and a blue car starts.

August 20 - The 3666666 GET occurs. Many vehicles, characters and memes join the race to page 11, and there are at least 25 competitors.

August 21 - A "find and replace" uservirus for custom wordfilters is released.

August 22 - The race to page 11 ends. Swaglord starts a "saburday nide dans bardy :^)" thread which has an image of a Spurdo and an embedded video named captain kek remix vs le mr ass theme song featuring s4s content and OC.

August 27 - swaglord invites [s4s] to his /b/ thread in which the first post has an embedded image of a "copy that guy"/Shrek hybrid, the text "woah hey guys welcome to my swamp", and an embedded video They don't stop coming they don't stop coming... (Almost perfect 9 min Loop). The results of the race to page 11 from the previous week come out.

August 28 - The race results are re-released, because the original thread dies. In this new thread, the starting order of the racers is published by request. A new meme called swagelok is created, and the thread announcing it is locked and stickied.

August 29 - The swagelok thread is unstickied but remains locked until it gets 404'd.

August 31 - A FEFe thread in which the OP takes the 3700000 GET is stickied for 1 day.

September 2 - swaglord makes a le millenom girl thread unbumpable.

September 5 - A thread about Figget's new EP Bedroom Figging is stickied for 4 days.

September 6 - [s4s] gets raided by "puffe" spam. Around 80 threads are made, filling over half the catalog.

September 7 - "puffe" threads are deleted, and the page count of [s4s] temporarily drops from 11 to 8 as a result, but goes back after new threads have been started.


Poof is 4chan's newest meme.

September 11 - Some anon starts a Poof thread in which they ask [s4s] to help them to spam /b/ with the meme. Swaglord replies by posting a link to a /b/ Poof thread in which the OP post has no regular image but a big embedded one and a big text "NEW MEME".

September 14 - swaglord starts a "hello this is a chill for you thread. come chill and post for you" thread with no regular image, but a big embedded Bane image and an embedded music video (T. Rex - Mambo Sun).

September 15 - swaglord begins the /s4s/ Cultural Enrichment Initiative. The /s4s/ Cultural Enrichment Initiative is a daily sticky in which swaglord encourages users to visit a particular board and bring back any memes or OC they find, with a new board chosen every day. In swaglord's own words: "everyone knows that the best way to learn about a culture is to immerse youe'r selves in it. i propose that we dedicate days to visiting other boards and absorbing some of their memes and culture. " The first board to be selected is /ck/. The current list of these threads can be found here. Posting the Food Gore! meme as a daily dose stops, as the 166th Food Gore! thread is stickied (it gets a sticky because it's based on a /ck/ meme and /ck/ is the Cultural Enrichment Initiative board of the day).

September 21 - moot announces 4chan is owned and led by Hiroyuki Nishimura, the founder of 2channel.

September 22 - Hiroyuki Nishimura holds his first Q&A on /qa/. Answered questions are saved to a Google Doc.

September 23 - An anonymous poster asks [s4s] what :^) means and gets (^: :^) in their post. The red message is quoted and called le red text meme in another post, which then gets (^: :^)(^: :^)(^: :^). Later in the same thread, an anon asks a mod to add red text in their post, getting (^: USER WAS :^)'D FOR THIS POST :^). A post with the spoilered text "if you reveal this text you must (^: :^) this post" followed by unspoilered "tbh" also gets the (^: :^). One anon insults the meme and tells swaglord to go home. They then get (USER GOT SWAGGED ALL OVER FOR THIS POST).

September 24 - Bune Raven Fan starts yet another Bune Raven thread and gets (USER WAS BUNED FOR THIS POST). In a thread in which swaglord is asked what he thinks about the new admin, swaglord or an impersonator posts "delete [s4s]" and gets (USER WAS DELETED FOR THIS POST). swaglord makes another le millenom girl thread unbumpable.

September 25 - For the first time since April, purple palm tree men post on [s4s]. The third mod post even uses special formatting ("This is a test of the Emergency ayy System."). Namefig topkek starts a "lol u tk him 2da bar|?" thread and gets (USER WAS TK 2DA BAR| 4 DIS POST).

September 27 - s4s asks /int/ to the winter ball. /int/ accepts. some ebic OC was made regarding this. nice :^) is shut down, and [s4s] loses its room there.

September 28 - The 3777777 GET occurs and is stickied for a day. A thread about shutting down is stickied for one day.

September 30 - An anon starts a thread by complaining about censorship and posting a screenshot about the reply form including a comment "#BANTI" and showing an error message "Birds are very important". They then get (USER WAS REMINDED THAT BIRDS ARE VERY IMPORTANT FOR THIS POST). Swaglord kills yet another le millenom girl thread.

October 5 - In one thread, OP ("not swaglord") asks "who [ s w a g l o r d ] here?" and swaglord replies with a bold "me :^)".

October 6 - swaglord posts a portal to an embedded video ("Fortunate Son" by Creedence Clearwater Revival) in a lel/"it ain't meme" thread. He also posts "you're gonna have a bad time" in a "sans memes" thread.

October 9 - post peeker releases the 41st issue of The Weekly Peek which is arguably the third animated newspaper issue to appear on [s4s], and the first one to be published as WebM. (It is also published as GIF.) A thread featuring an image of Crazy Bus from Arthur and a text

     "You must be at least this THIS crazy to get on the bus"
is stickied for one day, and a rare mod post appears there. Doctor Worse Than Hitler releases a spooky Halloween CSS for both desktop and mobile.

October 16 - Froge threads are spammed on the board. The Weekly Peek #42 is released by post peeker. It is animated like the previous issue.

October 23 - The Weekly Peek #43, which is animated, comes out.

October 24 - Smug Wojak becomes the most reposted image in the current /r9k/ archive (Click here to see the most recent statistics.). The robot (/r9k/'s unoriginality filter) is re-enabled on /r9k/, presumably causing users from there to come to [s4s] on the following week.

October 25–31 - Many users from /r9k/ come to [s4s]. This escalates into a war between the boards as [s4s] becomes detested by /r9k/'s heavy frogposting. Raids are made by both sides and war threads are started on both boards between October 26 and 29. On October 30th, swaglord (or an imposter) comments on the issue.

October 27 - Hiroyuki finds [s4s]. He posts 13 times in a thread about him.

October 31 - A Halloween theme is applied on all boards. Wordfilters are introduced on most boards but not on [s4s] or /b/. These filters include cuck -> kek, tbh -> desu, and sjw -> spooky scary skeleton (sometimes the sjw one only works when written in ALL CAPS).

-s4s- on October 31st, 2015

The top of the front page of [s4s] on October 31st, 2015.

November 1 - The themes of boards are changed back to defaults. The "SJW to SPOOKY SCARY SKELETON" filter is also removed (except on [s4s] and /b/ which never used it). A minor frogening starts.

November 2 - The minor frogening ends. An anonymous poster tries to summon a moderator and swaglord.

November 3 - The summoning from the previous day is successful, as both swaglord and a mod reply in the thread.

November 7 - A board for off-topic posting is created, and users of [s4s] flock there to funpost. Two threads (one of them made by a mod) are moved to the new board.

November 13 - swaglord starts and stickies an experiment thread. The goal is to use the memeing power of [s4s] to send the thread to /b/. Swaglord encourages [s4s] to contribute to the thread by posting "pls meme harder" in big text. The thread is eventually moved by a purple palm tree man. Another thread is also moved to /b/.

November 19 - swaglord starts an "out of context youtube comment thread" which has no file in the first post. In less than a minute, he (or an impostor) starts another thread with the same subject.

November 20 - The page count increases from 10 to 15, but the threads on pages 11-15 can only be accessed from the catalog.

November 21 - The page count reaches 22, until it's restored back to 10. The 7th [s4s] OC Albume, [untitled tbh], is featured on [s4s] Radio.

November 22 - [untitled tbh], [s4s]'s seventh OC Albume, is released on Bandcamp.

November 23 - Another release thread for the 7th [s4s] OC Albume is made. DJ Bar and Grill releases a new album. It features the song "Smug Zone" which is inspired by an [s4s] meme.

December 1 - The month of sesember begins and daily sesember threads are posted until January 2, 2016.

December 7–9 - The "Chaikening": dozens of Chaika threads are posted on [s4s].

December 9 - The frogening in honor of Sgt. Keroro's birthday.

December 14 - The 3999999 and 4000000 GETs occur. The latter is stickied.

December 15 - The 4000000 GET is unstickied. On boards where the wordfilter for cuck (-> kek) was implemented, it is removed except for the all-caps version ([s4s] was and is not one of those boards).

December 16 - The site-wide message shown above threads is changed to "It's getting cold, isn't it?" This becomes a meme.

December 25 - The second [s4s] OC EP, simply named The Christmas EP, is released.

December 30 - The 4040404 GET occurs.

2016 Edit

January 1 - The 4040404 GET is stickied. The site-wide message above threads is changed to a Happy New Year wish and stays until January 18. Sesember is over, but the year is named two thousand and sesteen.

January 3 - An anon asks if it is true that swaglord only uses [s4s] as his personal blog. On the following day (January 4), swaglord answers with a bold "youd be suprise".

January 6 - swaglord cheats in a thread in which the last poster becomes the king of s4s (sic) – he posts in the thread, deletes a reply below him, and then locks it.

January 12 - anon starts a thread with the comment "ITT: Characters that are literally you". The first reply is by swaglord with an image and the comment "this one" to which an anon replies "fuck off retard" and then the anon gets a (USER WASN'T BANNED FOR THIS POST). swaglord starts a thread about checking privilege. The opening post has a portal to an embedded YouTube video. An anonymous poster and le rudefig ask the thread to be stickied, and swaglord complies. The thread is unstickied two days later.

January 16 - korchak has moved to a new server and rewritten it in php. The Swamp of the site is reset and two secret pages have been added, along with many new public pages and flash files.

January 19–20 - A meme named "How can X ever/even compete?" is forced on the board. At least 40 threads about the meme exist at one point.

January 27 - Doctor Worse Than Hitler releases a userscript which adds a helper bar to the quick reply box. The bar provides buttons that can be clicked to add text (such as a phrase, ASCII art, or copypasta) to posts.

January 28 - Anonymous starts an imageless "NICE BOARD" thread on /b/. swaglord links to the thread on [s4s].

January 29 - The 2016 [s4s] Film Festival premieres on A purple palm tree man reacts to a quatrain about mods. swaglord posts with a tripcode.

February 1 - Doctor Worse Than Hitler releases a major update for the helper bar userscript. The new version has a 4chan X compatibility (based on code by an anon) and new buttons. A minor update with even more buttons is released a few hours later.

February 8 - swaglord posts a portal to an embedded video (Snoop Dogg Drop it like it's Hot ft Pharell Wiliams Lyrics) in his own thread about nice, ice, cube, cream, and dream.

February 13 - Figget and childstar release an OC album entitled Eldi.

February 14 - The third [s4s] OC EP, Le Valentine's EP, is released.

February 16 - swaglord starts a short-lived thread which has no typical image but an embedded one. The picture is about Tom DeLay with a look of disapproval.

March 8 - In a funpoasting thread, swaglord posts an embedded funposting gif.

March 9 - A purple palm tree man moves a lewd thread to the /trash/ board.

March 13 - swaglord posts a very big "geg" text in a geg thread which is stickied (and later unstickied) on the following day.

March 14 - swaglord posts a very small "dog" text in a dog thread which is stickied on the same day and unstickied on March 28.

March 17 - swaglord makes a le millenom girl thread unbumpable (and gets a Fore! that no one checks).

March 23 - swaglord starts an imageless thread with a huge text "swaglording on /b/ :^)". A purple palm tree man moves it to /b/. There, one user gets a "twinkie house" ban message. swaglord also posts an embedded spurdo image with title "swaglord wuz here" and text "ebin". He also makes a post with an embedded video (Gimme Pizza Meme Overload) which loops and autoplays. It is also possible that swaglord embedded one last image (this one is about Viper) with the same title as in the spurdo image.

March 31 - Official s4s birthday party sticky is stickied. As an April Fools' Day joke, the userscript 4chan X gets a site-wide upvote feature known as そうだね, which becomes a meme on many boards.

4chan April Fools 2016 - page example on s4s

April 1 - [s4s]'s 3rd birthday!!!!! :^) A special celebratory issue of the Lel Times is released. The official compilation of the best new s4s memes created between April 1, 2014 and April 1, 2015 is finally complete after over 11 months of work and irregular updates. The logo of the Weekly Peek is changed to a new one, which is designed by namefig /gd/ friend. A /wsr/ drawing thread about the birthday

4chan April Fools 2016 - thread example on s4s

party is stickied and locked. The 8th [s4s] OC albume, Deleted by Nintendo, is released (with many extras related to the birthday and posted in other threads). This day is also April Fools' Day, which is why 4chan gets a site-wide theme which looks like something Google has designed (this is a joke on mot/moot having started working for the company). As a part of the joke, posters on all boards are also given random names that override the contents in the Name field and change between posts.

April 2 - 4chan returns back to normal. The upvote feature in 4chan X is removed.

April 3 - The 4300000 GET occurs.

April 4 - [s4s]'s 3rd birthday party ends officially as all stickies are unstickied. The birthday sticky got over 1111 replies. swaglord posts a portal to an embedded video (Marschlied "Gloria Viktoria" SS) in the 4300000 GET thread.

April 7 - An anon starts a "this is bad board" thread and takes a 666 GET. In the following day, they get a (USER WAS CAST BACK DOWN TO HECK FOR THIS POST).

April 16 - swaglord uses a tripcode while posting the [ n u b r a c k e t s ] meme ("[s w a g l o r d t r i p c o d i n g] on [s4s] :^)").

April 18 - An anon starts a "this is bad board" thread, taking a 666 GET. They get a (USER WAS CAST BACK DOWN TO HECK FOR THIS POST - STAY THERE VILE HEATHEN LOL).

April 26 - An anon starts a thread, asking people to post in it. A purple palm tree man replies with a "no".

April 28 - Namefig korchak makes a thread where anyone can post content suggestions for the page. Only "lewd/rude/crude stuff" is not accepted. The thread stays alive until May 3.

April 30 – May 5 - Around this time, the domain expires and the site is gone.

May 13 - swaglord starts an "imageless" thread (as in no image file in the first post) which has a text "life is just a fight against entropy :^)", three embedded animated GIF images about sweeping brooms and a portal to one embedded video (Parquet Courts - Dust (Official Video)). A purple palm tree man moves the thread to /b/.

May 17 - A purple palm tree man moves a roll thread to /trash/.

May 19 - Many threads that have OP images of individual letters are posted.

May 22 - An anon gets a public ban for saying they are underage.

May 23 - The 4444444 GET occurs and is stickied.

May 26 - Namefig Lulzy has started a Super Dank Memes website, announces it on [s4s] and asks for suggestions and feedback.

June 1 – 2 - Many Karen threads are started and they take up the entire front page at one point. In total, there are over 20 simultaneous Karen threads.

June 1 - Namefig Captain Kek announces that has returned.

June 12 - Namefig Doctor Worse Than Hitler releases a "Sticke Budde" userscript which adds a "sticky buddy" to sticky threads.

June 20 - A 4chan banner contest begins.

July 3 – 4 - Two memes are spammed: an image of a confused cat with the question "what is the point of >>>/s4s/" and an image of the David statue by Michelangelo with a link to the 4566666 GET.

July 4 - swaglord starts and stickies an "imageless" thread with the big text "HAPPY JULY 4rd" and an embedded playlist of videos about July 4th. He also starts another thread with the same content. A purple palm tree man moves it to /b/. The sticky is unstickied on the following day.

July 12 - An anon starts a thread, asking for a 69-hour ban if they don't get dubs. They get singles and a public ban.

July 18 - This week and the next one is [s4s]' turn to get its new banner (along with /biz/ and /u/). The week until July 24 is for banner submissions. A thread for banner contest discussion is stickied.

July 22 - The 9th [s4s] OC Albume, when there is no more room online, the memes will walk the earth, is released.

July 24 - The banner contest discussion thread is unstickied, as the submission phase for [s4s] (and /biz/ and /u/) banners ends.

July 25 - The banner contest enters the voting phase for [s4s] (and /biz/ and /u/). This phase lasts until July 31.

August 20 - Two memes are spammed: "SHART IN MART" and "Very nice board you got here". The simultaneous thread counts for these are over 10 and over 50, respectively.

September 12 - spikeman and yosho start a race to page 10.

September 16 - yosho wins the race against spikeman to page 10. Garlic Salt gets a (USER WAS WARNED FOR THIS POST) for making an excessively lewd post.

October 1 - 4chan's 13th birthday!!! Many threads are created in honor of the imageboard and one of them is stickied until October 2. Pass users can now showcase how long they have been using their passes, which (of course) becomes a meme. In the end of the day, a thread featuring Bury Pink Girl wearing 4chan's birthday hat and saying, "this is nice hat," is stickied for a short time and locked.

October 3 - Notch (the creator of Minecraft), swaglord, Chemical Man, and FamAyyy exchange some tweets about Notch buying 4chan. In the end, Notch was only joking and he deletes his tweets. A thread is made about the conversation.

October 6 - swaglord makes a thread advertising 4chan Passes by using the "*BOOM* *BOOM* *CRASH*" meme and BIG TEXT. A Purple Palm Tree Man moves the thread to /b/.

October 8 - The planning and production of the 10th [s4s] OC Albume begins.

October 10 - An anon gets a public ban for making a thread about Smug Pepe holding Beary Pinks prisoners.

October 11 - Teeth girl takes up almost the entire catalog.

October 12 - Dozens of "the X girl" threads are posted.

October 21 - post peeker releases the 95th issue of the Weekly Peek, which is "the first newspaper [issue] ever to feature an audio track".

October 23 - A new meme called "would swaglord sticky" is presumably invented around this day.

October 24 - swaglord gets a rare fortune: Yo'uer fortune: Benis X--DDDD.

October 28 - The 96th issue of the Weekly Peek comes out. Not only does it feature an audio track, but also it is animated.

October 29 - A cockbirde thread is stickied until November 2. In it, an anon is rude to Purple Palm Tree Men and gets banned.

October 30 - The "would swaglord sticky" meme surges in popularity after a "would swaglord sticky a swaglord" thread featuring swaglord in a kek shirt and with a Bury Pink hammer is stickied. (It is unstickied three days later, but the meme remains popular.)

October 31 - The Halloween theme from the previous year returns to the entire site.

November 1 - The Halloween theme is gone.

Keksandra on the front page

Keksandra ([s4s]-tan) on the front page!

November 4 - Keksandra on the front page. Following anon's request, Hiro adds an image of Keksandra to the home page of 4chan. Many threads about Keksandra and the home page are made on both [s4s] and /qa/. On /b/, Keksandra takes the 710555555 GET and declares herself the new mascot of 4chan. In namefig Map Maker's thread, the OP replies to several posts by "swaglord", asking if the person(s?) who made the posts is swaglord. The real swaglord answers the question with a bold "no".

November 6 - The 4chan banner contest ends, but the announcement stays until November 8.

November 9 - Keksandra is taken down from the front page. A thread about Donald Trump thanking [s4s] for correcting the record is stickied. An anon protests in the thread and gets a public ban.

November 11 - Geterans Day. The thread about Donald Trump is unstickied.

November 12 - le s4-saint releases a video game named SuberGondolaLand. The game gets updates throughout the following week. The s4s national library is opened on the Bibliotheca Anonoma wiki. It will contain copies of most [s4s] newspapers after the following two weeks.

November 18 - The SuberGondolaLand thread is stickied.

November 21 - The SuberGondolaLand thread is unstickied.

November 22 - The 10th [s4s] OC Albume, (You), is released. A live party is had on [s4s] Radio.

November 26 - post peeker releases the 100th issue of the Weekly Peek, which is the first [s4s] newspaper to reach that magical number. The post also has a link to an archive of issues 1–100.

December 2 - swaglord starts a thread featuring an embedded image of the inside of a goose's mouth and huge text


. A purple palm tree man moves the thread to /b/ and more [ s w a g l o r d i n g ] (huge text, funny bans, etc.) ensues, along with posting [s4s] memes, including, but not limited to, Doge, Dogefruit, Lemon Line, wew, Desu, lel, Steven Pinker, and BAVI. Of course, there is also lots of screaming in the thread. An archived version of the /b/ thread is found on; however, it doesn't have all the images or the last post, which was a lemon line.

December 10 - Over 20 threads featuring an image of the name of [s4s] and a copypasta starting with "I want to kill myself because if this" are made.

December 12 - Doctor Worse Than Hitler releases a Christmas CSS.

Keksandra on the front page 2

December 23 - Keksandra on the front page again!!! Hiro puts Keksandra back to the home page of 4chan. This time she's wearing a Christmas hat.

December 24 - The 4999999 and 5000000 GETs occur. The latter is stickied until December 28.

2017 Edit

January 6 - The 2nd anniversary issue of the Weekly Peek is released, three days after the actual date.

January 9 - An anon gets a (USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST) for posting le BLACKED 404 grill.

January 11 - Eight threads are stickied on one day.

January 12 - Eight threads are unstickied on one day. Many Jedi threads are made, and over 60 of them exist simultaneously.

January 18 - A meme named "Who da FOOK are yew lookin' at?!" is posted a lot.

January 26 - The official list of best new [s4s] memes of 2015–2016 (April 1, 2015 – April 1, 2016) is released.

January 28 - Due to feedback from the community, an updated version of the 2015–2016 meme list comes out.

February 1 - The 2015–2016 meme list is updated (and the update re-released) one last time. The 5111111 GET ("mfw I miss the get") also occurs.

February 4 - Birth of Mr. meme, 9 days later, his popularity explodes

February 16 - Hiro takes Keksandra down from the home page and replaces her with Sachiko Koshimizu.

February 17 - The 112th issue of the Weekly Peek is released. The thread autosages and it turns out using the phrase "4chan Winter Cup" in OPs makes threads unbumpable. A re-release occurs, without the offending phrase.

February 25 - An anon complains about [s4s] and asks if mods even exist there. A purple palm tree man turns up to comment.

March 4 - The etiquette of 4chan is stickied. On March 5, some anon in the thread violates the etiquette and gets a (USER WAS BANNED IN THIS POST).

March 6 - A purple palm tree man moves a roll thread to /b/.

March 11 - The 11th [s4s] OC Albume is released. Its name is The Double Digit Albume!!~ and it consists of two disks: The Latest Memes Injected Directly and IDM (Intelligent Dubs Music).

March 13 - swaglord starts a "this is nice board" thread with an embedded video, and within 16 seconds, a purple palm tree man announces it is moved to /b/.

March 16 - The etiquette of 4chan is unstickied.

March 21 - A thread about a bear and the :0) emoticon is stickied for a couple of days. In the thread, an anon posts embedded music.

March 25 - Public bans ("or custom fortunes") start to appear for Barneyposting.

March 29 - An anon gets a very notable public ban for violating Global Rule 15.

March 31 - Preparations for the 4th birthday of [s4s] begin. The official birthday party thread is stickied.

April 1 - [s4s]'s 4th birthday!!! swaglord starts and stickies an April Fools Peek thread which features an image of post peeker and seems to link to a future GET (5277777), but clicking the link actually leads to a duckroll thread (which 404s on the following day). In the thread, swaglord posts a huge text "CLICK THE POST LINK FOR A PEEK INTO THE FUTURE". Later on the same day, the birthday thread is deleted. The [s4s] OC Compilation Albume 2, Today We Will Remind Them, is released. The Lel Times returns again with a special issue. The list of [s4s]'s Best New Memes 2016–2017 is also released. All in all, it was an ebin and memeorable birthday :^)!

April 2 - The 5277777 GET (which is a reply to swaglord's April Fools Peek) actually occurs and is stickied. The link in the OP of swaglord's peek sticky is changed to point to the GET. The Barneyposting ban messages stop.

April 3 - A user gets a (USER WAS NECC'D IN THIS POST) for an anti-NECC post.

May 3 - swaglord holds an AMA. He replies to one poster with a huge "thank".

May 4 - swaglord starts a thread about the DANG meme with an embedded image. A purple palm tree man moves it to /b/. The planning for the 12th [s4s] OC Albume, tentatively named [Start a New Thread], begins.

May 8 - swaglord starts a thread claiming in a big text he's le mysterious flag man. A Purple Palm Tree Man almost immediately moves it to /bant/, the International/Random board that was opened on May 4. Unlike [s4s], this board has flags and IDs (in early May 2017 at least). Once the thread is on /bant/, the posts made on [s4s] before the move don't have flags or IDs, which confuses the users of the board.

May 11 - swaglord invites [s4s] to play a prank on /bant/, the International/Random board that was opened on May 4. swaglord asks [s4s] to post in this thread which is then moved to /bant/ by a Purple Palm Tree Man. The prank takes advantage of the fact posts made on [s4s] have no flags nor IDs, nor do they get them when moved to /bant/, where flags and IDs on posts is the norm.

May 12 - the 124th issue of the Weekly Peek comes out late, prompting anons to spam an image announcing the demise of the newspaper.

June 8 - A (USER WAS GRANTED A HOTPOCKET) for getting 69 in a thread which is stickied from June 8 to June 9.

June 11 - The 12th OC Albume is released. Its title is [Start a New Thread]. There was a radio show to celebrate the release.

June 16 - A video was embedded in an Awoo~ thread by swaglord.

June 19 - swaglord starts and stickies a Gun. thread with an embedded video. The thread is unstickied two days later.

June 24/25 - post peeker releases the 130th and last issue of the Weekly Peek. He says he no longer has time to work on the newspaper and he also stops it because its reception has become worse during the year. The thread gets stickied. On June 26, post peeker posts a link to a complete archive of all the issues of the newspaper. The thread gets unstickied on June 28.

July 2 - A purple palm tree man posts a picture of a disapproving cat-human in a cade thread.

July 28 - New unicode gets added, or so someone who posts under the name swaglord says.

July 30 - An album named Drop The Kek (Finest of [s4s] EDM) gets released.

August 6 - PICKLE RICKERS IN THE HOUSE TONIGHT - The OP has blinking Comic Sanse text and an embedded video. In the thread, an anon requests and gets gets a ban. Same thing happens in another post (and in the same thread).



August 8 - PICKLE RICKERS HAVE LEFT THE BUILDING! However, a Pigle Rig :DDDDDDD thread is stickied until August 9.

August 19 - swaglord starts a Papyruse thread which stays alive for a few hours at most.

October 23 - [s4s] loses its brackets on the board list, as its section there is merged with those of /r9k/, /vip/, and /qa/.

October 30 - The good old Halloween theme is enabled on 4chan, including [s4s], and it has a game where you collect pumpkins (only on /vip/ though (rude)).

November 2 - The Halloween theme is disabled.

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