What's his name?

The bird himself

Le Ruse Bird is youre molm who came to [s4s] in early December. He is known for contributing plentiful amounts of OC and creating several memes such as flowre, the kekmas holiday hat, beetel, and le funny shepe. In addition, with the community's suggestions, he designed Bionic Peacekeeper Larry.

He currently writes for his newspaper, The Rusepaper.

Le Rudefig/Cartoon Network wants to be him.

He is a Cartoonist.

No I am not you don't know me, kid.


Before coming to [s4s], he was a drawfriend on /vp/, where he'd contribute reaction faces. Since his arrival on [s4s], he's used the same talents to contribute works mostly pertaining to the board's mascot, /s4s/-tan. They include comic strips and high quality drawings. 

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