we cry eretyme...

Kiwi was once a very happy bird that loved to live life to the fullest. Kiwi was very loved, until one day...

The Rise and Fall of KiwiEdit

While gracefully hopping through the fields of /s4s/, Kiwi found Top Top Lel, who was looking to play a nice game. That game was swimming. Oh, how Kiwi loved to swim, he had to play with Top Top Lel. He loved every second, until he realized Top Top Lels true intentions... Top Top Lel quickly pushed Kiwi into the cup they were about to swim in. The water, was not water at all, but was chocolate milk, Kiwi's only weakness. Kiwi had mear minuets to escape, and the people of /s4s/ tried to save him with the power of trips, but it was no use...

R.I.P Kiwi ;_;7Edit

Kiwi tried with all his feathery might to escape the long wretched milky waters, but was soon running out of air. He felt himself get light headed, hearing going deeper, and vision blurry.

He pushed his last breath out his thin beak as white pain fludded his avian body until he moved no more...

When Top Top Lel opened the lid, Kiwi's lush corpse floated to the top, just like Top Top Lels laughs to the Heavens...

Never 5getEdit

rest in peace in peacies kiwi u were so gud D: D: D:

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