On March 5th, Kekkats was accused of being both himself and Miki by Anonymous__ on the #lupchan IRC. What occurred afterwards would become a heavily debated court case for the rest of the Lupchan Supreme Court's existence. The case was presided over by Judge as Nanasi was not in attendance.

The Case and argumentsEdit

Anonymous_ claimed that everyone knew that Miki was Kekkats and no information existed to the contrary. This was rebuked by Kekkats who said "omg" a lot and called for help. Originally calling /a/ friend to the stand, the court was unable to draw any useful information from him at that time. Next, Kekt was summoned. Kekt, while giving no concrete information, said Miki namefigged first, and thus it was impossible for her to be Kekkats. This was heavily questioned as there was no actual proof that Kekkats just didn't namefig as Miki before using the name Kekkats.

Official case brief and opinion of the courtEdit

Kekkats v. Defendants
March 5th, 2014
Rizon: #lupchan

In this case, the defendants have accused Kekkats of being Miki, and they have also accused Kekkats of having a moderate to severe case of terminal autism. It is not confirmed, however, Kekkats argued that Miki was indeed a different poster, shown by the fact that "she started namefigging in May, before I did". However, when Miki's GETs were mentioned, Kekkats indeed confirmed that he posted under Miki's name to get major GETs for her ("so i got miki quints etc."). With this limited evidence, we can concur, that Kekkats is, infact, Miki in some cases (as evidenced by the GET evidence), and we believe, in fact, that Kekkats has moderate terminal autism. For this, we, the jury and the judge, find Kekkats, to be GUILTY, in the case of Kekkats v. Defendants, on this 5th of March, 2014.

Adding to this, one of the 'expert-witnesses', /a/ Friend, recommends that Kekkats "gb2 >>>/homeschool/". The judge sentenced Kekkats to life-long autism treatment and demands that Kekkats releases a public apology to the citizens of /s4s/ and Lupchan.

March 5th, 2014, The Honorable Judge residing.

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