Unphotoshopped version

Kekkats headset

Artist's impression of Kekfats if he was thin

Kekfats (formerly Kekkats) is a morbidly obese namefig who spammed a lot of froge a long time ago, got some GETs, got banned for inciting raids, and was Ananamoose's campaign manager in the first royal elections.

He is an ebonc meme based on an edited photo of Kekfats that was unphotoshopped to reveal his true fat self. The first Kekfats thread was a huge success, lasting six days. A later thread had the goal of making Kekfats the first result when doing an image search on Kekkats.

On March 16, 2014, Kekfats passed away peacefully in his sleep after a massive heart attack because his coronary artery was blocked up with cholesterol. R.I.P. in peaces. As expected he's still posting on the force to this day, though a huge part of the posts with his name are imposteringnators.

Kekfats also goes by some other names, and loves to point out that he and Miki are two completely different people.

He's a big (morbidly obese) guy. For you XD

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