How to Eat Dragonfruit03:03

How to Eat Dragonfruit

Dragon fruit



  • From the cactus family
  • Grown in tropical areas like Hawaii
  • A super food
  • Very easy to eat
  • Worth while
  • Some people peel away like a tangerine
  • Slice it in half
  • Scoop it
  • Beautiful-looking
  • Gorgeous
  • Scoop scoopy scoop
  • Can be used as a bowl
  • Can be custon-sliced
  • Can be eaten
  • Mmmm
  • Has a little melony taste
  • Pink ones are more popular
  • Tastes kind of kiwi-ish
  • Mmmm
  • Got a little tart
  • White ones are less-tart
  • Whites are sweeter
  • Simple
  • Loaded with cancer-fighting things
  • Heh heh heh
  • Really tasty
  • Can be put in salads
  • Edible
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  • From the Pitaya family
  • From the cactus family
  • Grown right here
  • Grown in beautiful places like Maui and South-East Asia
  • Can be cut and scooped
  • Brings peace and joy
  • Hola
  • Eat

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