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thank you gippo dudee

Gippo Dudee (or Malik Agar the nice man) Is the owner of [s4s]. He left /pol/ for the [s4s] sometime in April 2013 when they began ignoring his daily reminders,                 There's a rumor that Gippo Dudee is actually mot.

The life, the legend, the mysteryEdit

gippo dudee was, and wherever he is today, stil is a living legend ;_;7

mks me crie

His reign over /s4s/Edit

Incase you didn't know, /s4s/ is property of Gippo Dudee, so kindly fuck off.

King of s4s reminder

The ultimate conquest of Gippo Dudee

He will remind you today. Disregard that, goodbye Gippo ç_ç

Even when departed, Gippo remains great king and captain. <3

Retirement from /s4s/Edit

On June 10, Gippo Dudee posted a thread announcing his retirement from /s4s/, revealing his name to be Robert. The thread was auto-archived on Foolzashit archive The Vocaroo file, lives on on this very wiki.

Gippo dude departs from s4s 6-ten-13

The vocaroo linked to in the final post by Gippo Dudee.

However, in spite of all of this, some people on [s4s] claim that Gippo Dudee still does in fact lurk and post regularly on [s4s] under a new name due to privacy issues over his original name having been used on his own personal web accounts. Some claim this person to be scrubmaster himself with many readily agreeing, and this fact being accurately replicated on several surveys where people were securely guaranteed confidentiality proves undismissable. Others think Gippo Dudee's leaving was all an elaborate ploy to boost the mystique behind his legacy further into [s4s]'s history, and this has since been validated under strict criterion by this very wikia itself along with several damning screenshots one user managed to capture of Gippo Dudee's own posts on another site which will remain anonymous for legal reasons.

After his retirement imposters began popping up left and right claiming to be the real Gippo Dudee. "Don't be ridiculous. Gippo Dudee is gone for good, isn't he?"  WRONG, Gippo Dudee lives on in all of us.

Gippo Dudee strikes backEdit

On December 1, Gippo flooded the whole board and proved once again that he is the king and captain of [s4s]

Gippo december

Gippo strikes again


On that day, humanity remembered...

Ode to Gippo Dudee-001:57

Ode to Gippo Dudee-0

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