Existence is an ebin thing that has various meanings on 4chon.


One of the many interpretations of existence.

According to /s4s/ Edit

The meaning of existence according to the best board is checking dubs and eating the three perfect food, Top kek, Top Ramen and Top Leek. They are the only ones who will go to heaven when 4chen dies (including a small part of /m/ that likes Getter Robo).

According to /r9k/ Edit

>implying they have one

According to /m/ Edit

See According to /s4s/ for the part of this board who likes Getter Robo, see bellow for the others.

According to the other boards that are not /s4s/ and /r9k/ (featuring /m/ Getter Robo fans) Edit

Who cares about the other boards? They are a bunch of heretics who don't funpost and will be judged by lord Bateman when 4chun is destroyed.

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