The ebin that started it all.

Ebin is the result from the word "epic win" that was transformed into epin, and then, when spürdoified it became ebin. According to Finnish posters on Ylilauta, the origins of "ebin" can be traced to Kuvalauta's /b/ random board, where word "epic" was a bannable offence, so "ebin" was used instead. Additionally, the words "ebin :D", or variations of that, are often used together with images depicting people or characters which are smiling or laughing, to emphasize the emotions generated by an epic moment or victory.

The phrase Ebin was daily posted on [s4s] by an Anon accompanied with picture of Pokémon Dewott.

The pictureEdit

Original picture was drawn by PkLucario on deviantART. The creature that you may know by the name "ebin" is actually Dewott, the evolved form of Oshawott, the water-type starter, from Pokémon Black and White.

Flash OCEdit


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