Deaf Grapes is one of the latest members to join s4s' room, /kek.

Biography Edit

Deaf Grapes joined on the evening of March 14th, 2015, and became a bouncer two months later. He currently operates under the same name and status.

Activity on the board Edit

Deaf Grapes seldomly posts on the board with another alias, the username D34F GR4P3S.

Works of Art Edit

Ode to Capteen Kek Edit

Deaf Grapes wrote a poem dedicated to Captain Kek once, "Ode to Capteen Kek", which was posted to the board in late May 2015. It follows:

"Me name is Capton Kek,

Roses are Quebec,



The Acceptance Speech Edit

An incredible mologue written by D'Grapes while welcoming a new member, CK100.

"u lil bitch
this is
the meme mansion
watch urself
we got the illegal memes
plug admins dont know
we got
the shit

Trivia Edit

  • He is, as pointed out by most members on /kek, the rudest person to have ever set foot in /kek.
  • He's really good at Photoshop.
  • He donates a lot.
  • He's in a homoerotic relationship with Legion Geth_Infiltrator.

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