dumbled my roftas


The image that sparked the scientific community of /s4s/

Crying africane is a poor man from africae who is crying because he has troubles getting dubles, despite his attempts at doing so. "Dumbled my roftas" is his way of expressing his deep sorrow.

Crying Africane cannot get dubsEdit

Through countless of spamming it was found that crying africane cannot get dubs.

The scientists on /s4s/ began thinking, and managed to get the certainty that crying africane cannot get dubs up to 95%.

Crying for moot's helpEdit

A few users reached out to moot but their pleas were answered with neglect. Some believe the bug was fixed, while others theorize that there's a deeper conspiracy.

A new era beginsEdit

On the 7th July 2013 it was shown that crying africane in fact could get 00, but it has yet only happened once.

A new era begins.