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Cory Baxter

Cory Baxter was a Lieutenant Black Ops Ranger in charge of invading, securing and holding down enemy territory. During his short time in the [s4s], he invaded daily with threads consisting of a picture of him, and a retro smiley face ' :-)' in the text. 

Cory's initial threads attracted little attention, which; later revealed, was the entire point. His mysterious demeanor raised many questions as to why he was there, and why he posted every day with the same text and a different image. Though he eventually attracted a following and more threads began to be posted about him, they quickly died out.Edit


Cory singing at a concert in the White House.

Shortly after threads about Cory stopped being posted, a [s4s] user by the name of "Inthehouse69" posted a thread explaining his purpose. The thread got no replies and died quickly. Only through oral pass-downs was his story retained. Though the details are foggy, one thing is sure: He was a spy from /lgbt/, sent here to slowly seduce everybody into homosexuality with his arousing glares and irresistable charm. :-). His dissapearance is usually associated with a down-and-dirty nude wrestling match with Gippo Dudee, resulting in a killer Double-Underchuck Backhalf Scorpion Swoop executed perfectly by the King. Edit


Daily reminder.