the .jpg that started it all


CIAss, a.k.a. "This can't be happening" is a cargo pants-centered spin-off of the greatest meme in existence (BANE?). Gracefully balancing between the realms of dampness and dried fecal matter, this pasty Irish backside can manifest itself in three slightly different forms: edits, 1st reply guerilla, and spam.


(quotations straight from my butt tbh)

>be on [s4s]

Ah fug


>be exceptionally [REDACTED]

>become aware there's a major GET approaching

>really bored with anime GETs

>reflexes rapidly going to sh*t so no timing 4u

>decide to make an autistic samefig thread and maybe GET accidentally

>kek, what should I post?

>Aidan Gillen's ass and gifs of men in dresses seem appropriate



>samefig hard; some people drop by to bump

>GET gets stolen; sh*tstorm ensues

>idk, may as well post more ass

>drop ass.jpg on a thread from time to time

>see others do it too

>middle kek



>someone names it CIAss

fast forward to some spam war on [s4s]

>become aware the current most reposted image on [s4s] has a frog in it


Also, we started making edits somewhere along the way, idk.

And from then on, no one asked whose ass it was ever again.

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