Blue feels meme

"new meme

>for feels that make you blue

>let blues flow

>if dubs this is a bad meme"

Blue feels meme is a forced meme by Tehodor Rusebelt. Tehodor Rusebelt spammed this meme for 24 hours straight starting on December 14th posting blue feels meme in every single thread in the catalog and making several threads about it.

On December the 15th, Tehodor Rusebelt claimed that blue feels meme was dead due to "losing of pants". He then he proceeded to spam the board with the same image but with accompanying each post with "RIP blue feels meme" text. Blue feels meme again, covered every single thread in the catalog.

The next day, Tehodor Rusebelt revealed that blue feels meme had revived miraculously. He the proceeded to spam the board with blue feels meme for a full third day.

Hundreds of variations of blue feels meme were made by Tehodor Rusebelt himself. He was the only one spamming this meme. Yet blue feels meme left a mark on [s4s] the figure of the toy saxophonist became synonymous with the fig, and from it spouted other memes and a couple of OC.

Tehodor Rusebelt also began a blue feels meme newspaper titled "The blue feels meme times" which ran for 2 editions, the second edition announces the end of blue feels meme. Only to be reborn as "The independent blue feels meme times" the next day because of the revival of blue feels meme. There are five editions of "blue feels meme times" released so far.

Blue feels meme calmed down until December 31st 2015 when Tehodor Rusebelt resumed the usual spamming.

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