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  • Lemaymayster
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  • Lemaymayster

    I finally got something to write about in this ITB blog. Today, I added some templates to [s4s] Wiki. I thought they would make it cooler, danker, and more ebin. :^) Thanks to Template Wiki and Sandbox Wiki (and some own work), we now have the following templates:

    • ' This is to put quotes on pages. Even though the template allows anonymous quoting, it would still be nice to know whose thoughts are being borrowed. It is possible to also put a source in the template, i.e. where and when the quote was originally said.
    • ' This is a generic notice box.
      • ' This is meant to be used on nice pages, on articles that Bury Pink Girl would love.
      • ' Use this on pages that you think potentially may upset some readers, such as on those about controversial subjects.
      • ' T…
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  • Lefunposter


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  • Nz94

    About a tangerine

    February 23, 2015 by Nz94

    By now I've been posting as Absolute Tangerines for a little while. Of course, posting has been here-and-there, and it's not too often that I do. However, I have started going on  more often so you're almost as likely to see me there than the board itself! All I wanted to get address in this blog post (implying people read these lol) is what I kind of see as a problem - the rise of newfags and unironic posters.

    I've combatted people who take the board too seriously in posts like no.3065959 as a sort of way to stop people from being like how I was under the name "Tsuua." However, lately, I've noticed that a bunch of people are now coming on the board and changing things up, at least for the time of day I'm able to go on (7-10 Chi…

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  • Nz94

    End of an Erra

    February 10, 2015 by Nz94

    So yeah, today (pretty much because of no.3053746 and the recent thought that I should get another name anyways) I'm retiring the name "Terriyaki." That's about all there is to it honestly. But I guess as long as I'm writing a blog post I might as well make it worth reading.

    In irl real rl life, I'm starting to grow up more. I've gotten into a few clubs, all that fun stuff, and I'm being the better, more mature person I've always wanted to be. So that just means more funkek on [s4s] between us! :^) Also, even though it all means I'm a bit more busy, I still like to peruse the board every once in a while. Maybe not as much as I used to or would like to, but it's one of those nice changes. I like how all the newfigs are being really nice and …

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  • Nz94

    Jesus. Looking back on my early days, and even the other blog post, I sound like a total dickhead who had no clue what he was doing on [s4s]. And that's really true, I just *didn't*. In doing so, I annoyed a lot of people through my bid for popularity, even though popularity doesn't even matter on such a nice board, and things just came apart in the end. And by the by, in case you were never let in on the ruse, my final true posts under "Tsuua" were just that - a giant ruse. My girlfriend didn't really break up with me, I was just making some stuff up to see how the board would react to me. I wanted to "unplug" (kek) for a while, and thought this was going out with a bang. However, I really just hurt myself in the end in burning a bridge I…

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  • Bruce Doubles Wayne


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  • Nz94

    A Slave Emerges

    June 28, 2014 by Nz94

    It's been exactly 2 months since I've started on the board. Wau. Such a long time has passed in such a short period, and now I'm finding myself growing into more and more of an oldfig. Of course, I'm not as popular as I'd like yet, but I'm definitely doing and have done some bretty exciting things in my time on the board.

    Recently, as stated, I've been stepping up my game to be recognized. My plan? To do completely unprecedented things in such a unique and impressive manner that I'll become essential to the board! My first jab at this was the [s4s] Guide for Newfigs, and a few hours ago I published a "completed" Greatest Possible Tactical Achievement  version on the wiki. Now let me tell you, those hours slaved over researching for the guid…

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  • Pinkie Doomie

    My bloge

    November 6, 2013 by Pinkie Doomie

    Hey guys! This is my tumblr bloge of doge and stuff! I am so excited! I read this cool Oscar Wilde book and it is really hawt about how those two guys are like gay or something I fapped to it because it aroused me. I am a member of the otherkin liberation and the fignewton liberation and the gay liberation and it is not me opresing gay people by gey fetishishisination because I am thinking it is hawt and stuff plus also I am a girl and I am also demisexual.

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