Bionic Peace Larry

Bionic Peace Larry is an [s4s] original maymay who aims to bring peace and harmony to all of 4chan. He is the result of Le Ruse Bird saying we should all collaborate to create one new ebin meme.



On the same day as his creation (first of February), Larry brought world peace. Probably via his creation.

It all started with a thread by Le Ruse Bird, stating all funposters should join hands and co-operate to create a fabulous new meme. Users chimed in and the original poster periodically updated the new meme from suggestions and posted the results in the ITT. After a few hours and much anticipation, Bionic Peace Larry was born. He spreads peace and cheer across 4chan. Larry is a rallying symbol for [s4s] users, calling them to sort out the patriarchy and check privilege wherever they can.


Bionic Peace Larry is easily distinguished by his green freedom fighter hat with pink flowers on it, brown hippo ears, green skin, one brown hair sticking out of his head at a 45° angle, blue and red eyes of disapproval framed in a black rectangle, a nose ring, a big bushy beard, luscious red lips, Red Wing Iron Rangers boots, a blue and yellow robot body, and a heart big enough to supply the enormous amounts of love he gives to the community.

Sphere of InfluenceEdit

Bionic Peace Larry is a meme of peace. He was born from peaceful collaboration and carries that spirit with him wherever he goes. Posters invoke Bionic Peace Larry to settle disputes that might otherwise threaten to destroy the harmony of [s4s]. It is reported that any disagreement between users of [s4s] can be solved in under five minutes simply by posting Bionic Peace Larry.

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