On June 10, an anonymous funposter forced the "Badio" meme by spamming posts of pictures of various radios and writing with them "badio" or posting a short message that referred to the radio as "badio", such as


some men think they can make esfores what they want. some think they can make it ajaypee or slashpaulslash BUT i say esfores is ...

*bass drop*




A popular association with the "badio" meme are the lyrics to "Video Killed the Radio Star", but with "radio" replaced with "badio"

Later that day, after spamming [s4s] with around a dozen posts of badio and continuously bumping them to the top page, the funposter took advantage of the brief period when the bananan sticky was taken down by posting "a badio new sticky" with a picture of a clipart radio.

The mod liked this post and badio became a sticky and officially a new meme.

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