Akari Akaza's Farewell Edit

The Epic Announcment: Edit

Hi all,

Its really weird that >>2029524 made this thread because actually... this is probably my last night to post. I have plans for this summer and will most likely cease to post after today (though its also possible I will stay a little bit longer).

Anyways, for those of you who don't know about me, I'm Akari Akaza. I made a New Year's resolution to become an "established poster". I think I achieved my goal because I made so many friends and even had OC created for me. I couldn't believe people were so nice on this board. I'm surprisingly sad and scared to be giving up [s4s]. I will really miss everyone, especially Matrices, John Matrix, Kekkats, /a/ friends, croce, and many more!

Please continue to be a nice board.

Wishing you the best,

Akari Akaza

Emotional Reaction: Edit

One more night.

Picture related. Its night.

Return days later Edit

Hello all,

If I ever came back, how would you know it was really me?

Actually, I decided to come back. It is no fun not posting on [s4s]. Plus, I haven't fully established myself as a renowned name figure yet!

So anyways, sorry for making such a big deal about leaving. If you can find in your hearts to forgive me, I would be really happy.

Thanks, Akari Akaza

Akari Akaza's death and resurrection Edit

During the "lel Akari is obese" craze, the Akari fig mostly posted as two other characters from the same Vietnamese cartoon, and the Akari name was frequently impostered. Someone suggested that Akari make another farewell thread. Akari deaded on August 19 and miraculously came back two days later.

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