NOT /a/ and /jp/ combined, but an original term used by on [s4s]. [a/jp] was originally founded sometime in late April, 2013. The term was originally coined by Natsume and was a means to stop infighting on [s4s] from ex-board members of /a/ and /jp/ (Which generally are at disagreement with each other). [a/jp] had lived peacefully inside [s4s] for many months until it faded into obscurity due to the creation of lupchan's /ajp/ board which would then contain some of the more noticable [a/jp] activities, such as the RP /e/ threads and manga discussion.

Heightened NotorietyEdit

On November 24th [a/jp] would be brought back into the spotlight after an infamous spam, see image. This spam would become a hot topic for every newfig who couldn't remember being around for daily spam (Yes he did it every #*%$ing day) of Gippo Dudee, [s4s] would be forever changed until finally everyone just moved on yesterday.

Made it on the leaderboards

Not to be confused withEdit

Lupchan's /ajp/ which is a board that was created May 24th, 2013 as a home for [a/jp] discussion. This board would later contain most [a/jp] topics until several trolls kept posting anime on [s4s] to piss off Kek Master and Some guy... who later would quit [s4s] and we all rejoiced.

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